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Thanks for visiting Sweet and Bitter Blog.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and you found here what you were looking for. If not, nothing to worry. You can always connect with me over email at SweetAndBitterBlog@gmail.com.  You can also comment on my blog posts or even Instagram if you need any information. I will be happy to help.

I am Shayoni and I have been writing for Sweet and Bitter Blog since 2011. Here, you can find a lot of natural skincare reviews. I also love Bath and Body Products so, loads of shower gels, scrubs, and body oils too. I love using face oils and rose waters. 

I am trying my best to buy more of cruelty-free brands. I also try to live a plastic-free life. Plastic-free lifestyle is a journey so, you will find me talking about it as well.

Speaking of journeys, I love to travel. I am an 'I would rather travel than buy s designer bag person'. So, some postcards from my travels are also here.

Sweet and Bitter Blog is more like a diary. I am not a salesman. My 'Not to Buy' list is miles longer than 'To Buy' as I respect your hard earned money. 

Take care.



  1. hi...this is my first comment on your blog,i just browsed many of your posts(and left comments too :) ) love your writing style and picture quality...good ones..keep up the work and you have a flair to write blog,you are gonna rock girl!

    1. thanks a lot for such sweet words and also for the comments. I opened my mail and saw many comments...u made my day...

  2. Hey, I wonder how come I reached you after such a long time. You have an amazing blog ( read I found a fellow Bourjois addict), and I went through quite a few of your posts.Moreover a fellow bong in the beauty blogging world! A pleasant surprise indeed!

  3. Hi Sayoni, scanned some of your blogs. Great pics and nice writing style. Don't get too many interesting bloggers out of Kolkata . . .

  4. Hi Shayoni,

    I just came across your blog while reading on another blog and am wondering why in the world, didn't I find you earlier. :) you have an amazing blog and lovely pictures. It is also nice to see a fellow blogger from my home town. :)

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)

  5. Shayoni! You are too cute :D

    I'm gonna be back later, with more time on hands to go through all the stuff here!

  6. i just went through your WHOLEEEEEEEEE blog in less than two days lol ! gosh your an addict and so am on different levels to have gone through all the lovely , inspiring , tempting and colorful posts ! accidentally landed up on this page ,looking forward to more posts :D

    1. u went through thw whole blog!!! Ohh dear thanks for liking it so much!!! I would have hugged u now!!!

  7. I dont know how I missed you blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading blogs on nail art...so much so that I got inspired to have one of my own (not half as awesome as yours :( )
    I had read the name of your blog in many searches but missed on indepth study....Simply amazing!!! Girl, u just motivated me.


  8. Hii..just stumbled across your blog! Love your little intro - still haven't figured out how to pronounce your name, though :P :P :D Anyway, you have a cute blog, and wish you all the very best with it :)

    ANNNND, Google Images...grrr...don't get me started on howwwww mannnnnnnnnny people seem to think it's oh-so-smart to put that at the bottom of the post in the tiniest font possible - image source "google images"!!!!


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