Homemade Cookies Recipe

Jun 4, 2020

Homemade Cookies

I made cookies! 

I am still trying to believe that I have actually done this. The only reason I forced my mother to purchase microwave was so that I could make cookies like those in Cookie Jar. When the microwave arrived, I tried baking a cake. Massive failure (Looking back, it was the wrong vessel and mode). But, I never tried anything again. The whole business was a no-no for me.

Then, in April, while on the pursuit of Banana Bread, I finally discovered the right mode to use (how to preheat and bake!). Then in May, I tried to bake a cake. The cake was perfect. I am really proud of that. So, I know I had to try again. I tried small batches of chocolate chip cookies, which I consumed before taking any pictures. Finally, I tried making what I had in mind - Oatmeal and Raisin. This also has cashews and chocolates. They turned out a little too sweet than how I like them. But, I know I will not eat these. I do not drink milk, tea, or coffee, so my cookies and biscuit consumption are almost zero. Then, why did I made them?

A. I wanted to use Oats at home. I do not like food going to waste. My SIL will eat these cookies.
B. For the future, I know what gifts to bring with I visit my friends. 
C. Sense of accomplishment. I did something that I thought I could never make cookies since 2007! Now, I feel like I have unlocked some unique levels in the adulting game. 

Cookies Recipe 


Main Ingredients (To make simple Oats Cookies) (If you do not have Oats, then replace with 1 Cup Maida)
  • Maida/All Purpose Flour: 1 Cup
  • Oats (I used Saffola Instant Oats without flavor): 1 Cup
  • Butter: ½ Cup
  • Brown or Normal Sugar: ¾ Cup (Next time, I will use less because this turned out to be too sweet) Powder this in a mixer/grinder.
  • Baking Powder: 1 Teaspoon
  • Baking Soda: 1/4th Teaspoon

Optional (This decides the flavor. Used what you have) :
  • Honey
  • Raisins
  • Cashew
  • Chocolate Chips


Step 1: Mixing

Start with Maida and Oats in a clean and dry bowl. Always sieve through your maida to avoid lumps. Keep the butter hard. Butter should not get warm. Cut butter into small cubes and press the butter into the maida and oats mix using a fork. Slowly all the butter should get absorbed, and nothing should stick to the bowl. The whole mixture will take a sand-like texture. 

Add in your powdered sugar. Add baking soda and baking powder (Skip both if not available. I know shopping at this time is hard). Add your flavor ingredients – honey, raisins, cashew, chocolate chips. You can also add almonds or walnut. This is all as per your wish. Now, do not mix too much. Just lightly with your finger this time, ensure that the mix is all even.

Step 2: Resting

In this whole process, your butter will melt as it is summer. So, put the entire mix in the fridge for around an hour. Cold butter is the key to the best cookies. If your butter is melted, the texture will not be good.

Step 3: Baking

In a tin tray or any ceramic/glass plate, place a parchment paper. Parchment or baking paper is very helpful. Please try to procure it. This will make your life easy. Meanwhile, start preheating your oven. I use convection mode in the microwave oven. Put small ball (slightly flatter) of the cookie mix in the paper. Please note that the cookie will expand. Keep gaps in between. No need to grease the tray or paper.

For the temperature, if you want crispy, then it should be slow-cooked on low temperature (150C for 25-30 minutes). Otherwise, on high heat and less time (180C for 15 minutes). 

Unlike cakes, cookies are not entirely baked inside the microwave. It will fail the clean toothpick test ie, if you put a toothpick in the middle, it will not come out clean. Check around the base. It should be a little stiff, and the top should develop some crack. After the time is up, and you are satisfied with the checks, take the sheet off the tray/plate and put on a rack. (The metal stands for hot pots does the job). Your tray is now available for the next batch. Let the freshly baked cookies cool for around 20 minutes. Push the cookies underneath the paper. The cookies should separate easily. If not, try baking for longer in the next batch.


Store your cookies in an airtight jar. This measurement will make a lot of cookies. There is no need to make all of them in one go. (Since you will be able to make only nine small ones or four medium ones in one session, this will be time taking.) You can store the wet mix in the fridge (Just ensure no water gets in).


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