Earth Rhythm (Earlier known as Soap Works India)

Apr 27, 2020

How are things going at your end? Getting accustomed to the isolation life? How is work for the home going?

For me, things have ironed out a lot. Work is going on and I am trying to learn the things that I always wanted. I have a sleep schedule now - sleep around 8 PM sleep and wake up at 4 AM - which is not perfect but works for me. 

My location is still a hotspot so, we cannot go to any shops. Luckily, able to get the few basics we need on Big Basket or via Milk Basket. Timelines have reduced from a week to one or two days - this is a big win. 

I still wonder what is essential and what is not. Mosquitos are a menace here but a mosquito net is probably not essential because Amazon will deliver it after 3rd May. (Yes, I ordered a big folding mosquito net! I am amused to see that sleeping in that feels like. I just want to stop sleeping with mosquito repellants on). 

I needed to restock my shampoo bar. My current Murumuru shampoo bar from Earth Rythm (they have changed it from SoapWorks) was as thin as Rs 10 Dairy Milk Chocolate. Should I buy it or not? I tied to use Juicy Chemistry - it did not work for me. I tried to use what is left of my favorite liquid shampoo before I moved to shampoo bars  - The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture. Guess what? The liquid shampoo feels weird now. I kept on asking myself. I checked that government has allowed courier services. I placed my order. Later, it hit me - what if Earth Rythmn ships it but since my area is still a red hotspot, the courier partner does not deliver and keep it with them? These are active products. You do not want your skincare to lie around random hot delivery centers! I contacted them and they confirmed that it will be possible. 

(I started questioning myself again - Am I doing the right things? Making delivery personnel enter a hotspot just for a shampoo bar? Guess everything is grey these days. I always offer delivery personnel water and candy. Now, I can no longer do that and it hurts. I offered this time too out of habit but he denied)

Here is what I ordered:

  • Murumuru Shampoo: (Review) The main reason for this order. Since I had the tin box, I ordered the paper box for both the shampoo bar. Initially, they used the thick cardboard box. Then, the decorated tin. The graphics are the same as before in the paper box. Yes, I have kept the empty package of what I ordered in June! I use it to keep nicknacks. Also, ordering just one product seemed like an irresponsible thing to do. So, ordered the three more things. 

  • Hemp Seed Oil: I wanted to try this.

  • Ferulic Acid: Let's see if it is as magical as they say. (I wanted to buy the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic in France but later decided against it. A. Better to spend that money on nice restaurants and visit museums. B. Skincare works betters when you are regular. What will I do after that one bottle is over?)
I also wanted to try order Bukachoil Extract serum but forgot. That is for the next order.

Another thing - the blue color of Murumuru shampoo bar has faced over the months. Here is the approximate batches of the products. The June one was used till end of December. the November one is going on and I started using it from January. See, how light the recent one is compared to the first one I ordered.


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