Super Simple Skincare Routine ( with Glycolic Acid and Rosehip Seed Oil)

Feb 17, 2020

The best thing you can do for better skin is sleep well and eat good.

Skincare only supplements the whole process. 

I get too many requests to share my skincare routine. I already did one skincare care routine post last year and much haven't changed. Yes, I am moving to one which are plastic packaging free (as much as I can) and also, simplifying it more and more because it is easier for lazy bones like me to follow a simple routine than a 9 step detailed one.

First, I think I will tell you the 'whys' of the products so that anyone can build the routine apt for their skin. (You must also know what your skin concerns are so that you can pick the ones that you need.) So, here I go:

My skincare routine have two important ingredients - Glycolic Acid and Rosehip Seed Oil.

Why Glycolic Acid? Glycolic acid dissolve the glue/cement that holds the skin cells together. Hence, the dead skin cells slough off easily and rapidly that usual. It speeds up the cell turnover and stimulates collagen production.

Too scientific? Here is a much more simplified version - noticed how your skin looks nicer when your exfoliate since the fresher and brighter layer of your skin are revealed? Glycolic acid micro exfoliate your skin on a daily basis without the harshness of physical exfoliates. Additionally, it make sure that the skin produces more collagen - the ingredient that provides the structure and strength to your skin cells.

So, your marks faces quickly, your skin looks fresher, you do not get clogged pores (bye bye blackheads), and acne go away quickly.

To make sure that your new skin is protected - add one more product to your skincare routine - Sunscreen. Though glycolic acids are a boon your skincare skip it at times. I avoid glycolic acids when I am travelling and am sure that I will be out in the sun for long.

Why Rosehip Seed Oil? A great moisturizer that is full of fatty acids and vitamin A. It helps in regeneration of skin cells and also ensure that you get good quality skin cells. It improves elasticity and flexibility. So, you get younger looking skin. And the best thing - you will stop complaining about oily skin and dry skin because when you start using face oils, your sebum production is regulated since your skin neither have to over produce or under produce. You skin will shift to normal.

To effectively use rosehip oil, you need to use it on clean and moist skin - so, face cleanser and  rose face mist or anything other face mist that you like just before you apply rosehip oil.

So, in total we have five must followed products in my skincare. This is all. 

Face Cleanser: I am finishing up Just Herbs Silkplash (absolute love since 2014. I might come back to this if I do not get a good alternative in plastic free options. It has neem which is great for skin) and Kama Ayurveda Rose Cleanser (smells good but not going to repurchase for sure). I am enjoying Blended Botanical Wild Face Cleanser (powder cleanser in glass bottle. It ticks all the right boxes for me.) I have a new soap from Juicy Chemistry which I intend to try soon.

Glycolic Acid: Pixi Glow Tonic. It comes in a plastic bottle but I cannot help. It is good. I am thinking for using it on my body as well.

Face Mist: Rose face mist. I keep on trying something new. Good options that comes in glass bottle and are cruelty free Blend it Raw and Juicy Chemistry one is good.

Rosehip Seed Oil: The cheap and best option - LifeFlo. Juicy Chemistry Rosehip Oil is good but darker in color. The Ordinary Rosehip Oil is lightest of all options.

Sunscreen: This one is interesting. I find something good then I find some new toxin that I need to avoid or get to know that the brand is not cruelty free. I cannot tell you there is one that I love absolutely and trust blindly. I am still experimenting. Notable ones - Innisfree SPF 50+ PA+++ Water Base, The Body Shop Drops of Light, Forest Essentials Sunscreen. I recently tried Avene Mineral Sunscreen during travelling - the white casting issue is serious but it works (more will be up in review post). Soon I am going to start using Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 + PA ++.

I love using face masks - guilty pleasure so I slap some now and then. Currently, my aim is to finish up all I have. Notable face mask that I reach out to more than other - The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 (Comes in a plastic tube but TBS recycles).

No face sheet masks because they are just nasty for the environment.

Word of advice: If you face acne which pop out of no where and nothing seems to work - remove dairy from your diet. Words cannot define how much dairy can hurt. Unless you can source ethically sourced cow milk where the cow is not given estrogen boosts (which by the way enters your body and disrupts your hormone levels) do not drink dairy. I used to think this is just some WhatsApp forwarded message from cow-loving-society folks but I personally faced the issue. Hence, I know. I only eat cheese and butter at rare occasions. Rest everything from the dairy world is out from my life. So, are the random acne that used to pop up earlier.

Also, goes without saying - use clean towels and change pillow cases every week.

For more simple habits that you follow everyday for better skin  - Everyday Habits for Better Skin

In case you are interested to read the full details of last year's Skincare Routine.



  1. Thank you for writing this post. Glycolic acid is the one thing which my skin loves

  2. I want to try Glycolic Acid. I was atter Pixi coming to India, I will buy, but after seeing its price tag, I'm thinking of waiting for my sis-in-law coming to India from Canada, so that I can order few bottles.


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