Singapore Tourist Visa for Indian Passport

Feb 13, 2020 Singapore

Going to Singapore on Indian Passport and need Tourist Visa? Unfortunately, you cannot apply directly to the embassy. Instead, you will have to get it done by an authorized agent. 

Check the list of the agencies authorized and go for the one in your city - I will tell you why below.

Before applying, here are few things you must have:

1. The most obvious one - Passport. Make sure you have six months validity even on your date of return just to be safe. You will have to send the original passport with other document to the agents. Most agents will accept direct submission so choosing an agent that is in your city is a wise decision. 

2. Round trip flight tickets. You will need to have your passport for this. AirIndia provides cheap flights to Singapore (Around or less than Rs 10K) Though they are cheap, you still get big leg room and 30 kilos for check in baggage unlike Air Asia. 

3. Singapore Visa format photos. Go to a average photographer and they will know about it - white background, ears and top of shoulders showing, your face should cover 80% of the photo, no specs or caps - printed on 35mm wide x 45mm high size matte paper. 

4. Fill 14A form. These forms are available for free download. Download it, fill the form in Adobe reader, print, paste your photos, and sign at required places.

5. While it is not mandatory, some agents insist on having hotel booking confirmations when you apply. Book your stay at Singapore depending on the various options. In case you are staying with a relative in Singapore, you need to provide an invitation letter along with their FIN card with passport (front and back).

6. Cover letter with your purpose of visit and details. For example, I wrote for my mom as well and mentioned that I will be taking care of her financial needs during the stay. The agents will have a standard format. Consult with them or write your own. If you are self employed then print this on your 

7. Bank statement. It should show a steady income. At least, you must have Rs 50K per person when applying for Visa.

8. Along with the bank statement, you need to provide employment/work proof like appointment letter, NOC, payslips,etc.

What is the perfect timing to apply for the tourist visa? Apply within 30 days of your visit to Singapore. Usually, the Visa is valid for 2 years but the first travel must be done within 30 days of date of issue. The whole process usually takes 4-7 days in the embassy unless there is any issue. Add to that the time to ship you back the passports. So, apply around three weeks before your travel date. 

What to expect? It is an e-visa. So, just a piece of paper. The agent will send you back a A4 print out. I was kind of disappointed when there are no new sticker on my passport. You will need to fill an embankment form on reaching customs who will take your fingerprints and stamp your passport for stay up to 30 days from the date of the date. Interestingly, there is no stamp on your passport when you leave the country. 

Let me know if you need any other information.


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