Menstrual Cup 104: How to find yours and Keep it Clean

May 28, 2020

Trigger warning: Blood, mensuration, periods.

Menstrual Cup

I hope you have already read part one and two of this series on Menstrual cups. If not, then read.

Are you convinced now to switch after reading the previous post? If yes, then there are things that you should keep in mind before buying: 

1. Size: Usually, brands provide two or three sizes. One for teenagers. One till the age of 25. Another other for ages above or someone who has given birth vaginally. I am 31 but choose the one for less than 25 years because I know my body. Better go for the smaller one if you are having doubts than trying to shove a bigger object up there. 

2. Length of stem: I choose the one with the most extended stem - Sirona. There are some with no stem as well, but I am not sure if any of those are available in India. I have seen those in French pharmacies, but I did not find it very convincing as well. The stem helps you to put it in and position it. You can try ones with a shorter stem as well. Long is not the best option because you need to put it deep in to ensure than the stem does not touch your underwear. Otherwise, it can be very discomforting. Some even purchase Sirona and cut off the base, depending on their requirement. 

3. Brand and where it is produced: Luckily, we have options available in India now. But, all of them are manufactured in China and only packaged in India. There is no FDA in China, but the brands will tell you that they are FDA approved facility. Do your research. I recently got a bigger one from France that is made in France but probably with better standards. I am yet to use it.

4. Color: I wanted a white one, but I have seen people saying that they stain easily. Mine is pink in color. I do not see any staining after six-seven cycles. Earth Rhythm has in white. The new one I got is also pink. I have seen them in black as well, but I felt that I won't be able to see if they are dirty/stained. (Similarly, I do not trust saloons/spa with dark/black towels)

How to keep the menstrual cup clean? 

Sanitize it with boiling water just like one does with baby bottle nipples. No need to do in between your cycle. Sanitize in before you start wearing it. Wear it for 3-5 days (as long as your period lasts), and then sanitize it again before storing it. Keep it in a breathable pouch else, it might get too hard.

I have purchased a small saucepan to do the deed. I carry it with me while traveling because I like to re-sanitize it right before I use it. You sanitize it before you travel and just clean it again with hot water before using it if you do not wish to travel with the pan.

Please switch. It is excellent for you and the planet.


Menstrual Cup

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