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Feb 12, 2020 Singapore

Posing outside Raffles Hotel - one of the most expensive 5 Star hotels in Singapore

I am back from my 10 days trip to Singapore. It was not a solo trip. I traveled with my Mom - her first trip out of India. 

Retail space is very expensive in Singapore. So, they have the highest rates compared to the options in South East Asia. In fact, I found it expensive than even Rome and Barcelona. But, you need to book your stay before you request for your Visa if you have an Indian Passport. (More details on this later)

If money is not your concern then go ahead and book the best out there. If you like, you can even stay at Marina Bay Sands and dip in their infinity pool because the famous infinity pool there is only for guests.(There are ways to visit the top floor and at least see the pool. I will cover those points in another post.)

But, if you are a regular tourist who is willing to put money on things they see and on dining rather than on staying at fancy places, this is a post for you.

Stay Options at Singapore:

1. AirBnb: In Singapore, renting for less than 6 months is not allowed. Basically, AirBnB is not entirely legal. If you are caught staying at one then you might face trouble. In short, the cheap options are not at all available. Avoid facing issues and do not book an Airbnb.

2. Capsule Pods: If you are in Singapore for just a couple or days and staying at claustrophobic tight spaces does not bother you then try the capsule pods. Singapore has them at several locations where you basically get enough space to sit up and lie down. That's all. They are not as expensive as other options but if tiny spaces do not bother you then go ahead.

3. Hotels: Check Agoda or websites for great options. even allows you to book without paying. So, you can use this confirmation for your Visa processing document. The charges are little more than paying up front. Make sure to real all the terms and conditions of the hotel and check-in check-out timings.

4. Apartments: I went for this. My trip was almost 10 days one and I had my mom with me. I was sure there will be moments when I would like to cook. Spoiler alert - I didn't. But, I went ahead with a tiny apartment with bed, kitchenette, and private bathroom. The location was perfect. So, I did not mind paying for it because it was still cheaper than hotels.

Pointers to keep in mind:

1. A lot of hotels and apartments have working people as their regular guests. They do not allow kids and infants. Check the clauses carefully. 

2. Location is the key. Make sure there is a metro (MRT) within walking distance from your home. There should be at least a couple of bus stops as well. Public transport is easier to use and lot cheaper than booking a Grab. In the end, you will be saving a lot by using MRTs. Also, hawker markets close by 7 or 9 in the evening. You might not get a quick snack or meal after your return in the end of the day. Make sure there is a 24 hours restaurant nearby. At least, a FairPrice (they run 24 hours) within walk able distance. If you have food constraints like cannot survive without Indian food or if you are vegan or vegetarian, try to stay near Little India. The hotels and hostels around the area are cheaper as well.

Upcoming post: How to get Singapore Visa on Indian Passport


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  1. Nice Post,.. One of my colleague will be travelling to Singapore in June, I will forward her this blog post link.


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