Unique Souvenirs from Paris (Free, Budget, Mid-Range, and Expensive)

Dec 10, 2019

No offence to the million Eiffel towers sold around Paris. I will totally buy then for friends and family. I have one key ring that I got from someone ten years back and it is special for me.

Therefore, personally, I wanted something different. Here is what I got from Paris:

Tourist Medal (2-3 euros each)

Monnaie de Paris issues tourist medals on places of interest.Not only at Paris, you can even collect them at other places in France. I collected few for myself and also got them for family, You can spot these machines where you need to put 2 Euros and the medal is delivered. At some places, you can get them from the store like in Louvre. The maximum variety was at Sacré-Cœur Basilica (I think there were 6 or 7 machines!)

Metro ticket and map (free)

In Paris, you will take the metro one time or another. I purchased my two days ticket which allowed me to travel even in the Funicular which made it well worth it. (But, I walked a lot too. Plus, I had my bigbus tour which packed the journeys with more sightseeing.)

Museum ticket (free)

I think you will visit at least one museum in Paris. Do not throw away your museum ticket. For most museum, your ticket can have any of their special art work printed on them. I got the Lace maker on my Louvre ticket which will always remind me how I made it to the place (More details on Louvre post)

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Bags from places you shop (free)

At Champs-Élysées, the only thing I purchased was the one thing from Sephora. (The whole place is too crowded for my choice), Later, I saw the beautiful shopping bag given at Galleries Lafayette with Champs-Élysées written on it. I wanted to buy something but it was not happening. Just asked for a bag and they agreed. Will probably frame this.

Something from Champs-Élysées (expensive)

I wanted to stock up my favorite perfume from Dior. At the store, I discovered how it is even more expensive than the price at Sephora India! Sephora at Champs-Élysées had a reduced price on it. In the end I let it go. The crowd was maddening. I can always buy perfumes in duty free while going back to India.

Newspaper of the day you visit (1-2 euros)

Newspapers are a great reminder of the day you visit a city. Pick up the free ones from airport if possible. Else, they are for 1-2 euros usually.

Stamped book from Shakespeare and Company (expensive)

The loveliest thing and also the most expensive gift. Remember that the books are far more expensive here than in India. (Something with paper or taxes?) Buy books from here only when you are serious about it. I read from Kindle (save paper!) so, I buy paper books only when they are very special. I got one for myself and another for my husband. This is the most I spent in Paris.

Fridge Magnet (Budget-Mid Range)

I am not a big fan anymore (all of them are made in probably in the same factory in China). Still, got one from Saint Chapel of Notre Dame Gargoyle sticking out its tongue – to remind me that I could not visit the Cathedral.



  1. My hubby is great fan of collecting Tourist Medal and souvenirs like keychain in any tourist place. Initially I felt its waste of money during our Europe first day tour, Then he explained me how much it matters for him and how much he adores it.

    1. Tourist medals are the best discovery. Do you know they can even be sold later on? Collectors pay a lot for them if you have a rare one.


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