Trip to The Louvre and What It Taught Me

Dec 9, 2019

As I told you in my previous post, at Louvre, my only aim was to see Mona Lisa because I probably won’t have time. I planned a trip to Paris on the first weekend of the month because, on the first Sunday, tickets to all museums and important places are free. So, here I am all relaxed and happy after wandering the whole Saturday night at Avenue des Champs-Élysées. I check online just to see the opening time on Sunday. And it hit me like a punch on my face when I read this – Free visit on first Saturday from 6 to 9 PM, When I was loitering around at Champs-Élysées, I was supposed to be at Louvre. All slots for online booking were sold out for Sunday. I was heartbroken and decided to sleep-in on Sunday. 

But, when I woke up, I decided to take a chance and visit to check. I went to Champs de Mars RER stop then walked all the way to Big bus tour stop. From there, I took the stop for Louvre. I could have gone by metro too, but there were some stops not working on Saturday night, and I did not want to take chances. Plus, I would have to walk a lot. This decision actually helped me because instead of entering via the pyramid entry, I entered from the palace side. The result – no line! There was just one person at the counter buying tickets, and I got my beautiful ticket. Probably, I skipped something – some line or something. However, I asked for directions from a Louvre guard so, I am sure it was all right. 

Louvre Ticket with Lace Maker Painting

I picked up my route map and went ahead to scan my tickets. The whole places are very well organized and it was money well spent on tickets. The areas are well marked, but it is still easy to get lost amidst all the beauty so, check for people with the Louvre tag for help. 

Everything is beautiful, and I lost the number of counts I said – ‘wow.’ After a certain point, I was just clicking pictures because my brain was no longer able to absorb it all. I had to skip the entire third floor (no Saint Magdalene for me), and I did not explore the Egyptian area (12 years old me whole be so unhappy because I was really into Egypt while growing up), but I left promising myself that I will come again. (Maybe the only place in Paris that I am willing to back.) 

I also wanted to leave early so that I could visit Saint Chapel (Notre Dame is no longer allowed for visitors. Saint Chapel also has stained glass paintings. I will talk about that and other things in my next post.) 

Some points to remember: 

1. The pyramid entry is not the only entry but definitely the most crowded one. If you can live without entering via the pyramid, then enter via the other gates and save time. You will still get to see the pyramid but from the inside. 

2. Save more time by buying online tickets. I love to collect memories via tickets and bills so, I buy tickets online only when it is a must (example visit to the summit of Eiffel Tower). 

3. Follow the route map and make a beeline to what you want to see the most. Chances are that even while you are on the way, you will see a lot of beautiful paintings and impressive statues. 

4. On the route map, the Louvre have marked their famous art. If you are like me and do not know much about art, then check those at least. 

5. It is a vast museum. Let it sink in. You will have skip a lot of things. Better to enjoy few things properly that see a million items in a hurry. 

6. If you have time, then check beforehand if the Louvre have any exhibitions going on. At times, they move around their paintings. I could not see the crucial works of Da Vinci because they were in another show. Big bummer for me, but I kept telling myself – I will be back. 

7. And like every single place in Paris – beware of pickpockets. Better that you do not hand over your camera or phone to others for taking your pictures. 

8. Do not miss the Pyramide Inversee (inverted pyramid) while on your way out. Most people miss this one. Dan Brown talks in his book Da Vinci Code. (If you know, you know) 

9. Don’t miss the Louvre coins. 

10. I learned a valuable lesson and something I would not forget – Do not give up what you really want. Just give it a final push if you can. Better to wait than to regret it. 



  1. Beautiful post. I missed visiting Louvre during our Europe trip. Thank you for this post, enjoyed reading.

    1. Do plan another trip. This is the only place for which I will revisit Paris. What are your favorites from Paris?


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