Last Empties and Declutter of 2019

Dec 31, 2019

2019 was the year of major decluttering – my stash is less than half of what I started with this year and I have hardly purchased any makeup. 

One reason for not buying was to reduce my waste. I did not wish to add more plastic to the world. But, the biggest motivators were these decluttering session. These were the biggest lesson on how when something is new, they feel like I must buy them but later they might not even get used. Now, if I am insanely temped (which rarely happens anymore), I take a picture of them. If I am looking at that even after a couple of days or a week, I rethink if I really need it or it is just going to be garbage soon.

Micellar water: I am throwing all the ones I have and never buying them again. Here is why – we live in a polluted city. It is not like the European cities (where they were originally designed) here in India. Even if you are not wearing makeup, your face is full of dust and grime by the end of the day. You need to remove it all. Not saying that Micellar water cannot do it. It is just that to remove the amount of dirt that the city gifts us, we end up using multiple cotton wipes (big wastage!) and if we use the reusable cotton pads then we need a lot more of micellar water (product wastage!) And to top it all off – you need to rub, pull and tug your skin – hello, wrinkles. 

Why use them when there are oils that do the job in seconds?

I tried my best to use them up – as makeup brush cleaner and whatnot. But, I give up. 

Juicy chemistry: You are not supposed to use their products for more than six months as they are free of parabens. I could not finish the products in six months so, here I am throwing them out. Just a lesson that I need to buy less of them - and every other natural product without paraben.

Dr. Seth's: A lot of people swear by them but they never worked their magic on me. I have given away what I had to other people. This was just sitting occupying space in my drawer so, it is going as well.

Plum Toner:  Same case as Dr. Seth's, Plus, I use glycolic acids so, these no longer have any use for me.

The Lipsticks: These break my heart. I could not finish them as I loved them and I kept them with me. Guess what? They do not last forever and comes with an expiry date! So, I had to throw them away. I might just keep the case of the YSL lipstick for memories.

Now, the humble empties:

I guess I have talked/reviewed all of them here. As all of them are in plastic so, I might not repurchase any. (Maybe just the Cetaphil in worst-case scenario)

There is one thing that I finished but it could not even make it to the pic because it does not create any waste - SoapWorks Murumuru Shampoo Bar. And I started using the new one from yesterday!



  1. Nice to see some declutter as well as empties. Am also being mindful of what I buy

    1. Being mindful in everything we buy is very much needed in this capitalist work where every day some or other brand is dangling their new and shiny products at us :(

  2. Did TBS Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution workrd anything for you?

    1. Not for blemish but for new acnes. Here is the entire review
      But, I did not finished it on my face. It went on to become a serum for my body recently because I had opened it back in 2016!

  3. Nice post. I have even kept The micellar waters for so long. But i dont have any more space for the new ones. So, throwing it. After so much thoughts, have ordered Dr.Sheths dates and quinoa eye cream as there is so much of hyphe for this. Hope it works for me and my money doesnt go waste..
    Shayoni, can you please suggest any face bar that i can replace with the plastic tubes of facewashes?

    1. Hope the Dr Sheths one work for you. Let me know if it does.
      For face wash, I have stopped buying new and sticking with my Just Herbs Silkplash. It suits my skin a lot. But, because of the plastic bottle, I am thinking of switching to bar. (I want the current bottle to be the last one)I hope I found a good soap bar for face this year. I will update in blog when I find the one that suits my skin


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