Eiffel Tower, Paris

Dec 5, 2019

Can there be a trip to Paris without seeing Gustave’s Eiffel Tower? In fact, the tower is easily visible from most places, so it is unlikely that you visit Paris and not catch a glimpse of the famous tower. 

In Eiffel tower, you need to book tickets to go up. There is option to up either till the second floor (16,30€ by lift and 10,20€ by stairs), or you can go to the very summit of the Eiffel tower (25,50€ by lift and 19,40€ by stairs till the second floor and lift after that) If you are less than 24, then you the rates are half, and for age 12-24, it is one-fourth of adult ticket price.) Now, this was the only time I was stepping in the tower, so I had to try the summit. 

How and when to book? Book ahead online. I was lucky that I go the only open slot left to go to the summit while it was sunny. Everything else was sold-out. I purchased Saturday morning tickets within two hours of my arrival in Paris. Please check the weather forecast before you go. It is freezing at the top. You do not want the rain to add to that. Plus, you will not be able to see much. It was a lucky shot for me. It might not be the case always. So, please book ahead. 

Once you reach on top, there is no end time. So, enjoy the view. People from the slot before you might still be there, so book the earlier slots if possible but keep the weather condition as your highest priority. 

Before your booked slot: Reach an hour before your slot. You pass the security check and do not have to rush around. Do not take a heavy bag. They allow backpacks but nothing bigger. And unlike Louve Museum, there is no cloakroom facility here, Plus, enjoy the view from the bottom if you have time left. Check out the store to get some unique souvenirs. You will get similar things even on the first and second floors. 

Souvenirs to remember the day: Monnaie de Paris (the one who issues the euro coins in France) creates these memorabilia coins that you can collect all over the important locations. They are for 2€ (cheaper than all the made in china fridge magnets and 100 times more unique and special). I got the 130 years of Eiffel tower on the second floor of Eiffel Tower. 

What else to do? View the entire city! Also, there is a panoramic glass window with marking for the important cities. You can spot Delhi and Agra here. There are some cafes, but I was not even one bit interested in checking. 

I did purchase the champagne sold at the summit for a freaking 15€, and it was not even nice. Hashtag, I did it for the pictures and memories. 

And click an insane number of pictures. 

Precautions: It is cold like they are not even joking. On their website, they share the temperate on the summit, which you can check before going up. Even when it was sunny, it was freezing because the wind is insane there. I have full sympathy for people who went there when it is cloudy or even at night. 

Even here, there were cautions all around to beware of pickpockets. So, be careful. I have a backpack with me, which I did not wish to show in pictures. I put it down while t I put my leg thought the armband. So, if anyone tries to pull my bag, I will know. 

Eiffel Tower at night: You cannot miss the illuminated Eiffel Tower. I think it looks best in the night when the tower is illuminated after sunset. Every hour, for five minutes, 20,000 light bulbs fire up randomly to give a spectacular view. The iron lady looks the best this way.



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