Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam (Street Market) (What to Shop and Eat)

Dec 12, 2019

In Amsterdam, after you paid your visit to the favorite museums in Amsterdam (get tickets from Museumplein Museum shop for zero line and please visit as early as possible to save yourself from the load of touristy crowd), head to Albert Cuyp Market. Walk through the lovely streets with beautiful houses and along the canals and reach the hustle and bustle of Albert Cuyp Market. 

Albeit, it is a little touristy, but there is lot character in the market. Do not plan on buying a lot here. But, if you need to buy some fridge magnets or small gift then you can get them here as they are priced the lowest here in all of Amsterdam. The souvenir shops are majorly managed by folks from India. 😄

If you get hungry, try some Stroopwafel - wafer cookie made from two thin layers of baked dough joined by a caramel filling. The standard one is caramel but you can chocolate too. 

The market has flowers, produce, and seafood stalls. You can pick some fresh berries too.

I was not hungry for something sweet so I head to chicken store. One of famous place is Benny’s chicken and another one is right beside it. Indonesian food is also common here so, you can get some satays as well. I had my stroopwafel after my sandwich. 

If you are brave enough then try the raw red herring sandwiches, There are stalls for these everywhere. (I was not willing to take much risk because I hardly had any sleep at my hotel in Paris and I had no idea when I will be sleeping next.) 

In my opinion, avoid the bigger restaurants and aim for the stalls. You will be get more options for hearty food and save your money too.

There are options for clothes, ceramics, electronics, and even bags from Bali! I paid zero attentions to all those shops because none of them were made in Netherlands. 

Try the cheese here. But, there are a lot of place to try them. Do not forget that Amsterdam even also has a cheese museum opposite to Anne Frank House. 



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