Vilvah Deo Shot ROSE VANILLA (Solid Perfume)

Nov 11, 2019

I first tried solid perfume a long time back, and truth be told, I loved the concept. Then somehow, I stopped using them (I wonder why). When I mentioned about natural deodorants, some said the use of solid deodorants in tin/tub, which made me wonder if they are easy to use.

Vilvah Store was sweet enough to send me this to try. But, I still could not get it to apply it on my underarm.

Price: Rs 250 for a pocket-size deo.

Ingredients: No nasty formula - Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Arrow Root Powder, Rose Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Vit E Oil, Kaolin Clay, Beeswax.

Texture: Stays inside the tub until you scoop you out and then melts when rubbed on the skin. A delicate texture which is moisturizing as well. It has been living inside my office bag and has not yet leaked any oils. Full marks here.

Packaging: Screw-in metal tub with a metal cap. Even after getting rolled inside the bag, it has not got any dents. 

Scent: These deodorant shots available in other options as well, but I opt for Rose and Vanilla. It is sweet but not headache-inducing. The smell is dominant for a natural product and lasts for a long time. Impressed 

Overall: I liked the Vilvah deodorant. But, I used it more like a solid perfume because the scent is good, strong, and moisturizing. I somehow could not get it to use it directly on my underarm. I will try their deodorant in stick form next.

Every tried natural deodorant?



  1. Even I had tried solid perfume few years back, but stopped it somehow. I need to check this sold perfume.

  2. How does one use solid perfume? Which points to apply it on?

    1. Thanks for the question, Khushi. I usually apply them on the back of my ears and on my wrists.


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