Let's Talk Trash

Oct 2, 2019

Today, Let's Talk Trash. 

On this day, five years back, 'Swatch Bharat Mission' was born. The littering stopped a lot because of that. Initially, when we used to tell people not to litter, they used to give looks like - "Why bother?" Now, there is something to encourage them to stop.

Today was supposed to be the start of Plastic Ban in India but the government did not bring out the plan. 😣

But, you at an individual level can always bring change. 💪

1. Carry a tote bag (say no to even paper bags!) and your own cutlery and you will be amazed how much garbage you stop from creating. 😳

2. Study your trash bin 😂 and see what you are throwing away. Was it used multiple times? Can you stop using it? My biggest trash was online food delivery boxes. I tried my best to zero that down (We still order at times. I have settled on the fact that I can't be 100% perfect). 😞

3. Be mindful of your food waste. We try to cook 'just' what we eat and finish up leftovers before cooking more. While buying from the farmers market, I make a mental note of the week's menu so, I don't buy more produce than I need. In the fridge, things are properly kept to make them last longer.

4. This is something that I want to do - Start Composting. If you can guide me on how to do it effectively in a tiny apartment balcony then please let me know.🤗 What do you think about this?

5. How can you forget bathroom waste? Sanitary pads have been replaced in life with Menstrual Cup which reduced a big chunk of waste in my life. I am slowly phasing out plastic bottles and finishing what I have. Not buying anything new with plastic. I will allow a few exceptions like sunscreen lotion bottles and toothpaste tubes for now because these are health-related. I do not wish to harm my body in the process.

This book is from Bare Necessities Do you wish to see what all the interesting things I got from them? 😃

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