Zero Waste Journey: BYOU (Bring Your Own Utensils) and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

Sep 30, 2019

SodaBottleOpenerWala Berry Pulao Parsi Food Delhi
SodaBottleOpenerWala Berry Pulao Parsi Food Delhi

Just an update on bring-your-utensils (what is it called exactly?) I tried this first at a 'chaat' shop where I gave my box for packaging and denied the plastic box/bag. I have been doing the same and are some pointers and funny things to note:

1. I prefer cooking at home but when I want to eat outside, I eat at the restaurant. I guess I do deserve that time to enjoy my hot meal presented how it was supposed to be.

2. If I know that I might order more to bring back home, I carry steel tiffin boxes (lighter than glass) in a tote bag. This picture is at Soda Bottle Opener Wala where I packed the extra Berry Pulao ( soooo yum!!). The waiter was intrigued. I informed that I am trying to avoid my food get in touch with plastic* and he inquired, "So, you were aware that you will order extra?" If only he was aware of my mild social anxiety because of which I 'study' menus before even reaching restaurants.

3. Small shops are more welcoming to the idea. They do not question much and are happy to save their packaging material. Win-win.

4. Bigger establishments selling in paper packaging (thought with a plastic lining) can end up questioning. For eg, Hubby** wanted to get me some pastries and patties from Theos, where 5-6 people wanted to know what we are denying their packaging.

5. Thankfully, so far no one said 'No'.

6. I am not perfect and I am aware of it so, unplanned restaurant visits were out of control. But, I tried my best to reduce online food deliveries.

Bring Your Own Bottle Airport Water Plastic Bottle Free
Bring Your Own Bottle

7. Carrying your bottles saves you a lot. One restaurant I tried even refiled my bottle of water. Airports and most malls have drinking water option where you can refill them.

8. Now, I have started to hate the idea of single-use plastics so much that I can no longer bring myself to eat food packed that way. I used to enjoy food in airplanes but this time, I returned the entire plate (Mango yogurt in plastic tub, croissant wrapped in plastic, some hot meal, water in a plastic bottle) back in a minute. The air steward was surprised but I told that I was not in the mood to eat. 

*People are more understanding of the idea that you don't want your food to touch plastic than you trying to reduce plastic and waste. I use that excuse instead of the latter. Even after that, they are not impressed then inform them about the study that most people end up eating as much as plastic as one credit card. And the plastic stays in your body forever!

** Yes, my darling husband understands how important it is for me to reduce waste so, he tries his best. Bless his good meaning heart.

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