Empties (August & September 2019)

Sep 24, 2019

You might have heard me say this several times but for the sake of repeating myself here it is again - When you wish to zero waste, there might be times when you just want to throw away all your plastic bottles and replace them with newer and better options. But, the plastic in your home is already made. If you use your products more than needed, you are wasting and overconsuming.

Therefore, my bathroom shelf still has several plastic bottles but I aim to remove that by the end of 2020. For now, check out my recent empties. Most of them were reviewed on the blog.


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  1. Hi, I too have just finished the Body Shop hair scrub. I quite liked it and was sad to see it go, it was great for occasional use when my hair was dirtier than usual with sweat from workouts or overuse of dry shampoo. It really cleaned and volumnised my hair and people commented it smelled fab.
    I have kept the container and will try to make a DIY salt shampoo, I've seen some recipes and it looks easy. Or I might buy back the product from Body Shop. A bit pricey but lasts for ages and ages due to only using it once in a while


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