Why I Will NEVER Buy ENN's Closet

Aug 1, 2019

For several reasons, there are brands whose products I no longer buy. It saves money and the feeling of intense regret. I will share the list with you if you are interested. But, today I felt that I have to share one particular brand - Enn's Closet.

Why now? I do not want you to wonder when you see each one these colorful products in my upcoming declutter post (that will go up on this weekend).

I discovered Enn's Closet on social media. I love colorful masks so, I was tempted. 

But, the price is high so, I said no to them. Later I saw them at Nykaa on some offer and decided to go with two things that hardly go wrong - chocolate mask and clay mask with tea tree. When they arrived, I found that the tea tree was separated. I blamed Nykaa in my mind.

Now, the chocolate one was too creamy and won't wash off completely. Same is the case with the clay mask - a pink layer. Both showed up on my toner wipes.

Maybe the formula is heavy. Maybe I am not washing my face after the masks properly.

I discovered this brand again in Select City Mall. This time a stand-alone store. I gravitated for the most colorful cleansers - a green one and a blue one. The blue color separated in a few weeks. I use it as color on my notebook! I swirled it in again.

At this point, I started to get suspicious. Maybe something is not wrong with the way I am using it. Something is wrong with the brand. I was not getting any benefit from the products. But, I had invested my hard-earned money on them so, I was still pressed on making them work.

But, after I checked the blue color on my notebook - still vibrant after weeks, alarm bells started to ring. something is definitely wrong.

Strike one.

Around two months back, I went on a trip. I used the chocolate one before leaving - at least the brown will be without color. No? Splashes of water while removing the mask dropped on my bathroom floor but since I was leaving, I could not wipe at that moment. After I returned from my weekend trip, I could not remove the mark with just water. I had to resort to using bleach.

This was strike two.

Now, let's talk about strike three. A couple of weeks back, I decided to declutter again. I saw the tiny blue face mask. It was all tightened up like hard play-doh. I thought of mixing it with rose water to use it as a mask. In a couple of minutes - which was not even enough to smoothen the mask - my finger was dried blue. Could not even take it off with water!

At that moment, I lost all my faith. This brand claims to be all-natural. Shows no color in the ingredients list. But, have hard dyes in their products. I do not even eat anything with food colors. No way I am letting my skin touch this anymore.

Also, the brand says it is organic but there is no certification. Go figure!

(All of them will be featured in the upcoming declutter post.)



  1. OMG am glad I didn't invest in this brand. Please share the list of other brands also.

  2. Completely share your sentiments with respect to this one!

  3. OMG, really scary,... Cant believe any brand which claims to be organic :(

  4. I really appreciate this honesty..Even I was gravitating a lot towards these products..Thankfully your post saved my money..

  5. Thanks for sharing ur views.. would help anyone before investing on unreliable products.Respect for your concern for many of us here. Its saving quite a lot!


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