The Body Shop Lash Sport and Brow Sport

Aug 12, 2019

For someone looking for vegan, cruelty-free makeup, The Body Shop is the place to be. 

They launched a waterproof mascara and brow pen - Lash Sport and Brow Sport. Brow Sport comes in two colors. 

The Body Shop Lash Sport (₹1,495.00) is light on lashes but does not add oomph of volume like I expected it to. But, it is the strongest waterproof mascara (just let it dry for few moments). I usually don’t wear mascara and when I do, I prefer the non-water proof ones because I do not cry every day and I do not want to struggle with my lashes at the end of the day to remove mascara. But, for anyone looking for a heavy duty mascara that can last the whole day then look no further. If it had provided the volume as well then we would have had an unbeatable mascara. 

The Body Shop Brow Sport (₹1,095) comes in two colors - Dark Brown and Medium Brown. I have sparse eyebrow but I have dark brown hair. I was running short of time and went ahead with the medium brown on the suggestion of the SA. Worst mistake. It looks comical when I wear the medium brown color. It is like a sketch pen so, the skin is colored and not your eyebrow hair (?). Not a fan. 

What do you think? What kind of mascara do you prefer? Do you use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil? 



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