Just Herbs Neempure

Aug 22, 2019

Just Herbs Neempure

Tea tree is good but have you tried neem? Every part of the tree is celebrated in Ayurveda to several ailments thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. If fact, neem oil is also used to a natural alternative to synthetic pesticides and even floor cleaners. 

With 15% organic neem leaves, presenting you Just Herbs Neem. 

Moreover, not only neem, but it also has other impressive ingredients. Since it comes in powder form, there are preservatives/parabens used. No added color or fragrance.

Price: Rs 725 for 65 grams. I wanted to try something instead of Forest Essentials Multani Mitti. Forest Essentials Multani Mitti has similar ingredients for Rs 975 for 85 grams. 

Ingredients: Complete ingredient list is mentioned in the bottle. 

Certified organic neem leaves (azadirachta indica 15%, arjuna (terminalia arjuna) 2%, sphaeranthus indicus 4%, yellow zedoary 2%, vetiver 2% nutmeg 2%, manjishtha 2%, chiraunji 2%, lodhra 4%, lentils and Indian volcanic clay. 

Packaging: Plastic bottle with stopper and metal cap. 

Texture: It is not completely smooth. There are thin and long particles in the mix. 

How to use: Just Herbs recommends it to use the mask with honey. (Normal skin: water & honey. Dry skin: honey & milk. Oily / acne prone skin: curd (yoghurt), a few drops diluted lemon juice & honey. 

Curd, milk, (because I avoid dairy products) and lemons are not very common in my home so, I used it only with honey or at times with rose water. 

Efficacy: It does not feel smooth when I use it with only rose water and maybe that is why they never suggest the same. You need something with fat or something that can make the mix smoother - like honey. This way it does not sting skin even if I apply after mild exfoliation. It wash off easily without staining the skin. If you want, it you can also massage it a bit to exfoliate the skin. 

Thankfully, I had no bacterial acne (not even in this monsoon weather) to truly test the efficacy. (I did get tiny hormonal ones thanks to dairy, stress, and sugar consumption). 

Overall: I like the face mask. I could not test it for what it promised so, I maybe I do not need this in my life. The ingredients are good but the price is also high. 

Try it if you are looking for a natural facemask, as the ingredients are 100% natural and free chemicals. 


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