Declutter 2.0

Aug 13, 2019

I did major skincare and makeup declutter less than a couple of months back. (I will request you to read that before you read this post.)

But, I had to do it again. I genuinely want to reduce what I have. Part of it means, I need to use what I have (not overuse products just to finish them up) and another part is to let of things that no longer serve any purpose in my life.

The first things that I picked up were the base makeup products. I cannot recall the last time I applied foundation or concealer or face powder. I mentioned in my previous declutter post how I am keeping the foundations but later realized that I am seriously never going to touch them. I am all in for skincare.

Second, the lipsticks or skincare that I have for too long. I had to let go of things that are great and I was saving them because they were great but I had them for too long. They are no longer effective. 

And then there is skincare that I just do not wish to use any longer - everything from Enn. ( Read Why I Will Never Buy From Enn's Closet)

Now, I have a lot of sheet masks with me which I do not use at all. I do not want to use them because they are not biodegradable and as nasty as face wipes in polluting the planet. But, I have them already. Even if I do not use them, they will land in the garbage. Should I sell them?



  1. Hey shayoni blog sale sounds tempting.. And those loreal lipsticks I just wanna grab them to prettify my vanity


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