Aloe Vera 101: Use and How to Buy

Aug 26, 2019

Today, I am going to share you my favorite ingredient that is not only inexpensive but also easily available and works for skin, hair, and body. 

* drumrolls * 

Aloe Vera. 

Why Aloe Vera? 

Because I am yet to find anything that is equally gentle and effective with zero side effects that do not burn a hole in your pocket. You can use it on acne-prone skin to speed up recovery, use it after waxing to give relief to skin, use it after sun exposure to soothe skin, use it as night or day moisturizer for when its too hot and humid for regular moisturizers, as first aid on light burns, use it on your scalp to help regrowth (I prefer Japakusum that has Aloe and other ingredients to promote healthy hair growth). 

You are only limited by your imagination here. 

While aloe Vera juice and powders are also available, the gel formula is the most common one. So, here are few pointers on how to buy aloe vera gel and how you can add it in your life:

A. Aloe Vera gel is supposed to be colorless. Most generic brands add colors. For a product that is supposed to be used on sensitive skin or when your skin feels sensitive, why add color? Go only for colorless ones. All the options here are colorless.

B. Check ingredients. To stabilize the gel base, a random number of ingredients are added which reduces the percentage of aloe vera in the formula. For example, the ones from The Face Shop, Innisfree or even The Body Shop has a long list of ingredients. Try to keep a distance from them. 

C. Aloe vera gel is created using aloe vera powder (i.e. concentrated aloe vera) whereas aloe vera juice is almost 99% water. So, when you see aloe vera juice in the ingredients list, it means the formula might not be very potent. 

D. Price point. Aloe vera is not a fancy plant that is tough to grow so if someone is charging more money then stay away from it. This the main reason, I could never bring myself to purchase The Body Shop Aloe Vera Gel (Rs 1545 for 200ml). 

E. Always check the date of manufacture and opt for a fresher batch. This is why I refrain from buying online. 

Which brands to buy? 

I own The Face Shop one because it comes in a tube. I can keep in my fridge and without any worry of contamination, use it on sensitive body parts like after waxing. This is why tube formulas are better. 

The Forest Essentials juice is something I wanted to try. It works great with the powder ubtans from the same brand. I might not purchase again since the price tag is not ₹575 for 100ml is big. But, if you have major skin concerns or trying Forest Essentials ubtans for the first time then please purchase this as well to reap maximum benefits. Forest Essentials also retain aloe vera in gel form but the price is insane - Rs 1575 for just 50ml! 

Now talking about three of my favorites - simple gel formulas that work and does not break your bank: 

1. Fab India. This one comes in a tiny tub but mostly stays out of stock in store. I usually get to buy it at the airport stores. I do not own one now. 

2. Blend it Raw 99.5% Pure and Organic Aloe Vera. This is my second tub. It is the thickest gel but still feels light on the skin. I use it with The Ordinary L-Ascorbic Acid as well. 

3. Khadi Aloe Vera Gel Transparent with Liquorice and Cucumber Extract. Discovered this again at an airport in February. Very similar to Blend it Raw but lighter and watery in texture. 

I am yet to try the Juicy chemistry aloe vera in powder form. I have that in my wishlist. 

Which brand do you like? Do you also love using Aloe Vera? How do you use it? 



  1. I love the vilvah one. Planning to give blend it raw a try as well

    1. How is the vilvah one different from others? Is it colorless?

  2. I have tried Khadi Aloe Vera Gel Transparent with Liquorice and Cucumber Extract, and loved it alot.

  3. Nice Post, Thanks for sharing the information

    Natural is always Best!


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