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Jul 24, 2019

What are your first thoughts when you see this pic?

If you are not from India then you probably thought - Wow! Sustainable kitchen swaps. Less plastic. Nice

If you are from India - Hey! My mom/grandmom used to use them

(Some of you might still be using them instead of dishwashing sponge and I am proud of you)

And this my dear is my biggest learning. Our moms/grandmoms are living a low waste lifestyle. We for the sake of ease, use more plastic and create more waste. In fact, because there is a lack of demand these options are not even easily available in markets here. For example, I am trying to hunt a good steel tiffin box and yet have not found anything useable or 100% without plastic.

Therefore, I got them when I discovered them at - a great place to discover small brands that do not have their own store online. 

I felt like a kid at a candy store when I discovered the website. I placed my order. They charge additional shipping but I was ready to pay because I wanted to try them. Then, I started to receive my orders and here are a few thoughts I want to share with you:

1. The stores ship to you directly. So, if you order two things but from different stores then they arrive separately. You can see the store name right under the product name. This is the reason why shipping was high for me. I ordered from various stores and they each added their own shipping cost.

2. Each store has their set of philosophy. The packaging style was completely different for each of the brands.

And now, here are the things I purchased

Almitra Sustainables - Everything was wrapped in newspaper. No bubbles wraps were used. They send it all in a big envelope. 

The unique products:
  • Bamboo Earbuds - Pack of 50 - ₹90.00. So, simple and yet so unique. Removing plastic from one of the basic things we use. I still have the ones from Miniso. Will finish them as well. Even if I do not use them, they will end in garbage. Better to get use out of them before I throw them away. However, packaging could have been better. They come in a hard paper box with no paper wrap. It opened on way to my home. Luckily, all the earbuds were still in the box. 
  • Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straw - I have steel straw that I used always. Wanted to give bamboo straw as try for a long time. Each for Rs 55. I ordered four. Gifted two and kept two. Forgot to take pictures. However, I still favor steel over bamboo. Steel does not add any flavor like bamboo to your drink. GST is 18% on this. Each straw was wrapped in paper and comes in a cloth pouch.

Organic, Biodegradeable, Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds

Now, the things that our grandmoms had in their kitchen: All are GST free but the price might seem higher than local stores.
  • Loofah Sponge - Natural Bathing Scrub - ₹80.00 ( (The one from Juicy Chemistry is Rs 50)
  • Coconut Fiber Coir Scrub (Dish Washer scrub) - pack of 5 - They are .5cm thick each - ₹120
  • Coconut Fiber Floor/Laundry Scrubber - ₹150
  • Coconut Fiber Bottle Cleaner ₹100
Shipping and Handling for Almitra Sustainables ₹179
Total ₹939

Please note that they are still not in my kitchen. I want to use the plastics that I have as long as I can because otherwise, they will just go to waste without serving their purpose. 

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads India


  • Reusable Facial Cleaner Pads - The main reason for the haul - reusable wipes. I wanted them for toner. I have stopped using wipes and cotton balls for a long time. I required these for toners. These are sold in a pack for fours with the option of 4 rounds or 4 rectangle or 2 rounds and 2 rectangles. I chose 4 rounds set and another set with 2 rounds and 2 rectangles. Give me another week to share what I actually think about them because a million things are going inside my head about them.
  • Low-waste Personal Hygiene Kit And they have these combos as well that comes in a small pouch with jute drawstrings. I chose one with a toothbrush, toothpowder (very old school), alum, and another set of makeup remover pads. This is for ₹380 While a lot of people use alum as deodorant, after reading a lot of papers, I have decided not to use it. Alum block sweat glands. I do not want that. Excretory organs should be able to excrete. Otherwise, you can get boils or acne at random places. 

Shipping and Handling ₹65
Total ₹845

Eco-friendly Travel Kit Bamboo Toothbrush Resuseable Wipes


They are doing an amazing job with the packaging. Everything was upcycled. The other envelope was paper from homecentre. The inner protective cover was Flipkart pouch. I ordered set of three medium pouches (Rs 220 + Rs 65 shipping) for keeping vegetable in fridge. 

There are two more stores from which I ordered. I will share about them soon.



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