The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Jul 19, 2019

Rosehip seed oil. 

I am madly in love with rosehip seed oil since 2016. Thanks to Nishu for introducing this to me. 

It is 2019 and I am still in love. I can tell you that most love stories run shorter than this. There is no three-year glitch or itch in sight with my love for rosehip seed oil. 

Why Rosehip seed oil? Well, I want to ask you - why not? An effective moisturizer that is non-sticky, never feels greasy and yet deeply moisturizing. Can be used with makeup if you want to and easy to layer with sunscreen as well. I want everyone to try this miracle skincare product that has replaced my need for any anti-aging products because pure rosehip seed oil contains natural Retinol Acid (Vitamin A). I do not even need eye creams thanks to Rosehip seed oil. 

The brand that I use is LifeFlo (around Rs 400 for 30ml). However, it is available only via and the customs are insane when shopping from them. I have tried Juicy Chemistry as well. 

Therefore, when I was shopping from Cult Beauty, I decided to add another brand of Rosehip seed oil in my 'I-have-tried-list'.

Price: Around Rs 650 for 30ml. I paid additional custom charges when shopping from Cult Beauty. But, there was no shipping charges and the delivery was quick. So, no complains. 

Packaging: UV-protective glass packaging with glass dropper. 

Ingredients: Rosa Canina Seed Oil. There is no vitamin E as a natural preservative. The case is same with Juicy Chemistry while LifeFlo has vitamin E. Rosehip seed oils are rich in high omega fatty acid content. This scent is not an indication of rancidity but without Vitamin E, things can go bad. The one from Juicy Chemistry smells very bad now (bottle opened in January). 

This is cruelty-free, water-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free, nut-free, vegan, gluten-free. 

Texture: The lightest of the rosehip seed oil I have tried. 

Color: Again, the lightest of all. This is great news for fairer skin colors. 

Efficacy: Since it is light, it spreads easily as well. A little amount is needed and it is easily absorbed leaving behind no stains - only healthier skin. It has all the good properties of rosehip oil and I did not feel even for a moment that I was missing on LifeFlo. The only difference is, since I used a lesser amount, it was not as deeply moisturizing. However, for summer daytime, that does not feel like a problem. 

Overall: I love it. It is a lighter version and if you are new to face oils then this is a good one to start. The lighter texture will be a good starting point. Just remember to finish it in a couple of months after opening the bottle, as The Ordinary does not add any Vitamin E in the formula. I might not repurchase as I am used to the texture of LifeFlo and LifeFlo costs less. If you cannot access LifeFlo then go ahead with The Ordinary. 

After this gets over (I do not want to leave it unused other it will also turn rancid like Juicy Chemistry Rosehip seed oil), I wish to try 'Blend it Raw'. Anyone tried that? 



  1. I am using nyka rosehip oil. I like it but this post is an eye opener on rosehip oil😊

  2. Interesting! Sounds like a good one.
    Can you let me know how much customs did you have to pay?
    I haven't tried Cult Beauty before.


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