How to Use Vitamin C Powder in Skincare (and The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder Review)

Jul 18, 2019

The Ordinary L- Ascorbic Acid Powder Review Indian Skin
The Ordinary L- Ascorbic Acid Powder Review Indian Skin

Why Vitamin C?

Right after I started to use The Ordinary Vitamin C 23%, I realized that no matter what, I need to start using Vitamin C regularly. It has been long since I have seen such remarkable effects from a skincare product. But, I did not want to use more products so, I purchased this powder - The Ordinary 100% L Ascorbic Acid. It is in powder form and can be used with your skincare. 

Vitamin C is not an easy thing, so start with. It will sting your skin when you start. Just like Glycolic Acid, you need to build up your skin's tolerance level.

So, how to use? Well, other than saying that you are not supposed to use it with EUK 134 or Niacinamide there was not much mentioned.

In addition, you cannot create a big batch of Vitamin C serumVitamin C degrade faster than you can say the word 'degrade.' Okay, maybe not quickly but you get the point. It was the main reason I did not get on the Vitamin C wagon sooner. 

However, now that my skin is used to 23% serum, it was time for some action. In my have I have the powder form which can be added to your skincare. My favorite thing in skincare is Rosehip Oil. Therefore, I used it with LifeFlo rosehip in AM. Though I hardly stepped out, I could not feel skin darkening a bit. (Can also be the sunscreen I used at that time)  I tried with The Ordinary Rosehip seed oil (review coming next), but I did not see any exciting impact. I was not ready to give up. I have seen how 23% work. This is supposed to create magic! 

Right then, the science nerd in me switched on a light bulb -...

The Ordinary L- Ascorbic Acid Powder Review Indian Skin Texture Spoon

Right then, the science nerd in me switched on a light bulb - Vitamin C is water-soluble. The oil is obviously not helping in penetrate deep in my skin. I need something water-soluble. The 23% Suspension was working with oil because it is a serum. Something in its formula helped. However, here I have nothing to help the 100% L Ascorbic Acid.

Around the same time, I watched a video by Shereen Eidriss where she said that for your skin acne is like a wound. 

My brain did a 1+1 here coz what is water-soluble (to help dissolve Vitamin C), soothing for skin (to save stinging from Vitamin C) and works great for skin repair (to help boost the Vitamin C action) - Aloe Vera!

Yes, after trying it at AM and PM with different rosehip seeds, I found the most astonishing results with Aloe Vera gel.

At night, I have replaced Rosehip seed oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. I take a teaspoon of Blend it Beauty Aloe Vera and mix it with around three pinches (use less amount when it is your first time) of The Ordinary 100% L Ascorbic Acid. The acid turns the aloe vera gel to water form. I apply it on my face and neck and the leftover on my hands.

The Ordinary L- Ascorbic Acid Powder Review Indian Skin Texture Jar
The Ordinary L- Ascorbic Acid Powder Review Indian Skin Texture GlassJar

Effects: I have been doing this for 10 days, and I am impressed. I cannot wait to tell you that if you are looking for brightening up your skin, then you gotta do this. (No, not skin lightening. Skin brightening!) It also has anti-aging properties and anti-dullness. So, I do not mind skipping Rosehip seed oil at night, which has been a fixed part of my skin for long. 

In short, I go the magic I was waiting for - brighter, repaired, well-rested, healthier skin

I even got my period in between and no acne this time! (I am also trying my best to avoid sugar and dairy so, that can have played a part as well)

If not Aloe vera then try it with your face creams. (I am off face creams and lotion for a long time.)

Also, use in PM. Give your skin a chance to repair. Use sunscreen during day while using Vitamin C. (I am using the new Forest Essentials one and loving it a lot. Will review it in detail soon.)

I checked Amazon and found some other brands and even pharmaceuticals options for Vitamin C powder. So, maybe you can try those if not 100% L Ascorbic Acid.

The Ordinary L- Ascorbic Acid Powder Review How to Use
The Ordinary L- Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Powder Review How to Use

How is The Ordinary 100% L Ascorbic Acid different? 

Anhydrous, L-Ascorbic Acid powder in an extremely fine 325 mesh format.

Special features:

1. Proper Packaging: Packed in a tinted glass tub that has UV protection. It also has a protective seal and tin screw-on cap. 

2. Budget product: 20 grams comes for Rs 400. Even with customs etcetera, it will not exceed Rs 600. It will last longer than six months because you hardly need 2-3 pinch each day.

3. Cruelty-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, water-free, oil-free, nut-free, vegan, gluten-free.

Overall: Love it. Going to be permanent in my skincare. I do not review skincare after using them for just 10 days. This time the results are remarkable, and I do not want you to wait.

Coming up:

Next post: The Ordinary Haul and How to Save

After that: The Ordinary Rosehip seed oil.

Stay tuned.




  1. I too have purchased this. Adding it to aloe gel is the best tip. I shall try it soon!

  2. Nice post Shayoni..which aloe vera gel did you use?

  3. Excited to read Next post: The Ordinary Haul and How to Save

  4. I really wanted to try it out and ordered on cult beauty . Had to pay 421INR :( .


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