The Nature Masons Facial Scrub Cubes Active My Charcoal Review

Jul 25, 2019

Powder cleansers are great but have you tried using them in public washroom – mess! Every day, I wake up and only wear sunscreen to office. Once I am there, I use a face cleanser then follow my skincare routine. Why wash your face in office? Because I do not want pollution and sweat to settle. It is not for everyone. I have this habit for around a decade so, this is normal for me. 

Yes, face cleanser. Powder ones. Not for office. So, I end up with liquid cleansers aka plastic bottles. 

Then, one day – I see this. A glass mason jar, with 10 tiny pieces of face scrub. Each supposed to last for two weeks if used twice daily. I decided to give it a try. Long story – this is the beginning of a new era. I might be able to say no to plastic bottle of liquid cleanser. (Or I will just beg my favorite brands to come up with plastic-free packaging option). 

Plus, it is super easy to carry. (Pop it in a tin box)

Now, you must be wondering why not cut soaps in to try pieces. Because so far I have not found a single soap that does not dry my skin. (Maybe the shea butter helps) 

This is from a brand in Panaji – TheNatureMasons which creates products with no parabens, artificial fragrances and are completely SLS free. 

Price: Rs 700. Shipping is extra. I purchased from Not very economical but this is going to last more than liquid cleansers. 

Packaging: Thankfully those tiny soap are not individually wrapped. The jar is glass which I am going to repurpose. Full points here. 

Ingredients: This list could have some improvements. They use coconut oil, palm oil, and lye for the saponification (process of creating soap) process. I doubt there is these three in the final product. So, I am interested to know what is in the final ingredients list. 

Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Palm Oil (RSPO certified), Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Activated Charcoal, Distilled Water, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Walnut shell Powder, Chicory root Powder (Cichorium intybus), Rosemary Essential Oil, Rosehip Essential Oil.

Texture: They say cubes but the mathematically correct term is ‘hexagonal prism’ but that name is not cute and might be confusing for most. I am going to let the word cube slide here. So, one of the bases has the walnut powder (probably settled during the curing process). The curing of the soaps are done properly (Curing is letting handmade soaps sit for 4-6 weeks to ensure that all water is evaporated. So, the soap does not turn mushy too quick or collect water drops on its surface when it sits in a humid place like a bathroom). 

Efficacy: I not using a block of soap directly on my face. Well, I did give it a try for the purpose of review but it is not what I will usually do. So, for me, it is not a cleansing scrub but a cleanser. I work within on my fingers, it foams a little (low foam is a sign for fewer sulfates), and I used the foam to clean my face. Zero drying effect because of which it wins overall.

Overall: I love the concept. I have been using it for two weeks not and I love it. It is still not my only cleanser as I also have to finish the ones I already have. But, I have still not finished my first cube. This one is going to last far longer than a traditional liquid cleanser. I have kept the jar in a dark and dry place. 

(I know there are liquid cleansers in glass bottles but those have a plastic pump and not travel-friendly.)

What do you think of this idea?



  1. Very interesting product,.. I'm tempted,.. But I love TBS Tea Tree Facial washa nd alreday have a backup bottle :(


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