Postcards from Kausani Trip

Jul 3, 2019


It was almost in my destiny to be there. 

Last year, when my niece was born and we were thinking of a name that starts with K, Kausani came up. I googled it and said, "Sounds nice. It is a small village in Uttarakhand. So, maybe we can skip." And I forgot about it. 

This spring when we went to Mussoorie and I was not at all happy with the state of traffic, our driver suggested - "Visit Kausani. It has the best view in Uttrakhand." I did not let my mind register this because obviously, he was trying to oversell to get another booking from us. 

Then, when the rains were about to hit the mountains, my friend (was my colleague in my previous organization) and I decided to go on a trip. Where? Mukhteshwar. I found a lovely property far from the main area - The Birdcage. Unfortunately, booking was not available for our dates. 

So, I started searching for another place to stay only to see this written about Mukhteshwar - The view is as good as Kausani. 

Ok. Excuse me. As good as? Then, why don't I just visit Kausani?

So, we embarked on our journey. Everyone said - "There is nothing there." 

Well, I wanted nothing. I wanted to lie down and take random naps listening to chirping birds. Breathe cool and fresh air. Walk around tall green deodar trees. Just read a book and cut off from the world. My travel companion is another being who hails for the introverted life. Therefore, this was perfect. 

My friend E lives in Mumbai. She reached on Thursday night. We started at the break of dawn on Friday. We took a quick stop at the gate of Jim Corbett Tiger Resort.

Then, lunch break at Ranikhet. We were in Kausani before sunset. Unfortunately, I had an intense headache to took a nap. Next day, I got early to get a glimpse of Trishul from our room. It wasn't clear but I am happy. The weather got misty. We had breakfast and took a nap. I never get to do this - nap between breakfast and lunch. Luxury.

We then went to visit Baijnath Temple. I am not the religious type person but I went there to see the 1150 AD temples. It started raining when we were on our way back. We wanted to visit the Gandhi Ashram but it was closed early by the time we were back because of the rain.

When the rain cleared, we did saw a rainbow and a glimpse of Mt Trishul but nothing more. It gave us hope that things will get clear the next morning. 

(During summer, the mists rise from the mountains hence, mountains view are not clear. But, after it rains, the mist is usually cleared so, it becomes viewable again.)

We returned with a quick stop at Nainital, which was obviously crowding up. 

The weekend after that, we heard news about people stuck in between because of crowd and traffic. 

Long story short - Kausani is for those who like to breathe tranquility. People who get drunk on serenity. There are some short treks but no 'adventure sports' that are all of a sudden mushrooming at tourist destinations. There are no five-star hotels but you will get good food. Nothing to shop for your friends and family. Nothing to buy as souvenirs.

I just picked some fruits.


My time of visit: First week of June.
Preferred time: February-April first fortnight. You will get a better view of the snow-capped mountains. I am going to visit again with a better camera.
Stayed at: Sun n Snow. I opted for the Himalayan View room - worth every penny. You can see the whole view from your room.
How to reach: From Noida, we booked a cab which stayed with us and returned on that. It was around Rs 10000. You otherwise travel from Delhi to Kathgodam via train or bus. Then, go to Kausani via Ranikhet via taxi or local bus.


  1. Beautifully written, lovely pictures... I was about to say 'new camera?' :)

    1. no dear. Simple mobile camera or the sony one that I use. I used VSCO for editing

  2. Beautiful pictures,.. I need a vacation badly, but has to plan how to travel with a toddler.,..


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