Little Things That Made Me Very Happy #PlasticFree

Jul 8, 2019

Little things that give me loads of happiness.

And no, it is not the ice cream.

I hardly go to the movies. They always come on Netflix or Prime in few months. Why watch something while sitting at a chair without proper pee breaks when you can have an introvert party later?

But, I try to miss the 3D movies. I went to the Superman movie this weekend. I liked it but I liked what happens there even more. Our friends got us popcorn and coke. The Coca-cola glass was paper, had a paper straw, and wait for it - a paper lid. Zero Plastic.

Then, I noticed that the 3D glasses were not inside the plastic zip pouches but in paper envelopes. Jaw = Dropped.

After the movie out friend got us ice cream (Yes, we have very lovely friends who feed us well 😎). The ones from Burger King has a paper cup and a bamboo/wooden spoon. 

Remember, how I discovered that Taco Bell has the food packed in paper. The food does not touch any plastic so, it is healthier as well. 

In fact, this is how my plastic-free journey started. I hate when my food touches plastic. I just feel that it got contaminated. But, since we hardly had options, I had to bear it. Thanks to the online community from where I learn how to reduce and reuse. For example, I carry my own spoon and fork with me now in case someone offers me plastic cutlery. 

I could have shared all this in an Insta story but I want my journey to be documented. I want more brands to join hands.

I am proud of the recycling initiative by The Body Shop. I dropped all my TBS bottles that I showed in the Declutter Post (more than 50 products) at TBS store. Next time you finish their product, give the empty bottles back at the store and The Body Shop will recycle it. I hope Forest Essentials and other start something soon.

I am seeing brands reducing their packaging solutions. I hope you have read my haul from SoapWorks. They did not even had plastic tapes to packaging - only paper.

I still do not have plastic bottles for water in my home. I buy vegetable from local farmers to reduce plastic. (Why everything needs to be wrapped separately makes no sense to me!), But, when I see multi-national food giants trying to incorporate a healthier and plastic-free way of life, the impact will be far higher. 

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