Gigantic Empties Post (More than 50 Items)

Jul 1, 2019

I have decided to start doing empties again. For those who are not aware - I used to share monthly empties earlier. Then, things went out of my hand and I rather forgot to do them. I was keeping some of my empties in a hope that I might post them and reused some of the other bottles. The last one was done in 2017!

However, it is better to be late than never.

Before I show you the more than 50 items here is something I need to share:

1. Most of them were almost over. I kept enough for probably one use because I need them to compare for a future post.  I am throwing them now to clear up space and declutter my home. Also, now The Body Shop is now accepting empty bottles for recycling.

2. Some of them were used less because I thought I would take pictures for reviews etc. Later I found nothing special about them so, neither used them much nor took their pictures for review.

3. A lot of them, I was not using like the mascaras but I kept them and forgot about them. 

4. I kept some products hoping that I will do an empties post but never did. There is a reason you see two bottles of The Body Shop Rainforest shampoo. (In fact, one product was already in my previous empties post (the one in 2017!). I kept the bottle and as I did not check anything, it reappeared here)

5. A very few skincare here have some left but it has been long since I have them so, decluttering them as I won't use them anyways.

Now, you know the whole story.

Here are the products:

(There are more than 50)

Some links for a few of the products here



  1. You must be feeling relieved. It does take courage to let go the stuff. Super happy to know that my favourite blogger will be posting empties post regularly! I started to declutter my stash in pieces by starting project pan challenge.

    1. It took me a lot of courage. It is not at all easy. Some told me why I didn't sold them. I mean why will I sell things that I love or things that I know are waste for money. The okay ones always get over. But, the ones I loved - I kept them locked in afraid of what I will do when they get over.
      It was not one bit easy but had to be done.
      Thanks for the love and understanding.


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