Earthy Sapo Nuts Over Coconuts Solid Shampoo Bar (Budget Buy)

Jul 29, 2019

Earthy Sapo Nuts Over Coconuts Vegan Solid Shampoo Bar Review India

I felt confident when I started using SoapWorks shampoo that shampoo bars are working for me. So, I ordered another coconut shampoo bar from Unfactory - Earthy Sapo Nuts Over Coconuts. It is for bath as well as for hair.

This is not a detailed review but a first impressions post as I have used it for thrice so far. But, I wanted to post it with SoapWorks Coconut Oil Shampoo as a lot of points are similar like how I use it and why ACV rinse is needed, etc. It will be great if you read that review before reading this post. 

Price: Rs 185. Who said good products are expensive! Nevertheless, I had to try it to believe it. 

Packaging: Paper cover. The soap was wrapped in cloth (muslin?) The brand does not sell all their products this way. I have seen plastic bottles as well. 

Ingredients: I would have loved to see a final ingredients list. 

Coconut Milk (20%), Mango Butter (2%), Rohisaka Oil, Rosemary essential oil, Palmrosa essential oil, vegetable oils (edible)*, sodium hydroxide** 

*includes cold-pressed coconut oil
** used for converting vegetable oils into soap. Does not exist in the final product 

Fragrance: Coconut and almost similar to SoapWorks 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo. 

How I use: I did cut into a finger shape because a big square bar is not easy to handle. I worked with the lather with half a cup of drinking water. Then, use the 'liquid' shampoo created. 

It is cured well so, does not melts completely but turns mushy soon. So, using it directly on hair is out of the question. You do not want too much soap on your hair that takes a long time and too much water to rinse off.

Efficacy: It lathers a lot. The lather is soft and easy to work with. But, it works only with the lather. It does not give me itchy scalp but somehow I feel that it does not cleans when there isn't much lather build-up. And after too much lather, it needs a lot of water to wash off. Besides, it needs an ACV rinse. You cannot skip ACV rinse when you use this shampoo bar.

Overall: Softer than SoapWorks shampoo bar and lather more. In fact, if needed you can completely turn in into shampoo form (but will have to keep it in the fridge so, make small batches). But, I cannot work with it directly on my hair nor I can use it for detangling. Also, I have to use ACV no matter what. ACV stinks and it is not always possible to use it as a rinse (for example if you are headed out right after shampooing your hair.) I also wish it had come with a tin box option as well.

This is a budget product and a good option to start if you are okay with the constraints. 

I think I will continue with SoapWorks Coconut Shampoo for now and use this Earthy Sapo for the bath. If I use it as shampoo again and discover anything then I will update this post.


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