4 The Body Shop Spa of the World Shower Gel Review

Jun 28, 2019

The Body Shop Spa of the World Brittany Coast Algae Bath and Shower Gel, Tahitian Tiaré Bath and Shower Oil-in-Gel, Balkan Juniper Body Wash, Adriatic Peony Bath and Shower Cream Review India

Going to share some of the most unique shower gels in the Indian market with you today. They are very different and I could not suggest a dupe even if I tried. These four shower gels are from The Body Shop and belong to the Spa of the World collection.

While the Spa of the World body scrubs, body creams, and oil are much applauded, you might never have heard about the shower creams.

Now, before I start, I must repeat that fragrance is very different. You will either be head over heels in love with them or detest them whole-heartedly. I have made some of my friends try it and it seems like it is more popular with the higher age group - people with a nose for complex notes. These are not the usual peppy fruit fragrance. Also, the texture of all of them is different. Usually, shower gels from a range smell different but have the same texture. Here the textures are different to align with the Spa ritual they belong to.

Price: 795 for 250ml. Cheaper then Bath and Body Works. Expensive for The Body Shop.

Spa of the World Brittany Coast Algae Bath and Shower Gel: Belongs to the Revitalizing Ritual along with the Dead Sea Salt Scrub (Review), Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (was never launched in India but, I have tried some products with Rhassoul clay and they are great for acne prone oily skin), and Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil. It smells exactly like the Dead Sea Salt Scrub - a very comforting salty scent with hints of lime and lemongrass - might remind you of a beach destination. It comes in a gel texture. It might not comes an intensely refreshing scent. Nothing strong but the silage is high. I am still not sure if I should use it for the morning shower or night shower. 

Spa of the World Tahitian Tiaré Bath and Shower Oil-in-Gel:  My favorite of the lot. A lovely floral frangrance a thick gel texture. It smells similar to Frangipani. This  is part of the blissful ritual along with my another favorite - Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil (Review) that can be used for hair as well as body.

Spa of the World Balkan Juniper Body Wash: This is part of the Firming Ritual. I love the products in the firming ritual range but not this shower gel. I did a post on all the products in the Spa of the World firming ritual (product review).

Spa of the World Adriatic Peony Bath and Shower Cream: Another favorite of mine. It also has floral scent but also very sweet and tarty like berries. It is the only one in a creamy texture. Love this a lot.

Overall: There is a chance that Adriatic Peony and Tahitian Tiare will get over soon. After doing the recent massive declutter post, I have decided to start empties post again. So, these two will show up in a few months. For the other two, if you know my address then you are most welcome to come and pick them up. 

But, I must say the prices are way up for a TBS shower gel. I do not think that I will highly recommend these shower gels because the quality does not justify the price. Go for Satsuma, Moringa or even their best seller Strawberry. You will be happy and your pocket with be happier.


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  1. I really love the spa of the world products from the TBS,but I agree with you that they are ridiculously expensive. I recently ordered the Ethiopian green coffee cream and French grape seed scrub at the 50% sale.i am happy and so is my wallet 😊😊

  2. I love TBS shower gels, but yes the price is bit steep :(


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