SoapWorks India Haul (Zero Plastic Packaging Beauty)

Jun 29, 2019

Today, was definitely one of the happy Saturdays. I woke up late. Then, cooked enough to last till Monday (lazy Sunday, I am looking at you!). Then two courier arrived. One of them was from SoapWorks.

After realizing how much I was wanting when I did the major decluttering this spring, I have restricted my buys a lot. It is a shopping ban not to save money but the planet. I am not trying not to buy anything that I might not use later or comes in plastic packaging. Also, I am trying to reduce my bathroom waste. Switched to menstrual cups but that is a story for another day. My favorite shampoo The Body Shop Rainforest might get discontinued so I thought why not give solid shampoos another change. My last experiment with Juicy Chemistry shampoo was a big fail. But, SAnd For Soapaholics one was great. This is not a great time to try hair products because monsoons are when it is natural to get high hair fall but, I could not wait any longer.

I found Soap Works India website which retails variety to natural products. I ordered four things that arrived today.

Before I say, what all I ordered, let me take a moment to appreciate the packaging.

  • No plastic.
  • No cling foil wraps.
  • No bubble wraps.
  • No scotch tape.
  • Only paper and cardboard.

I cannot tell you how much I am impressed.

Now, keeping my fingers crossed that the products I ordered work for me.

SoapWorks 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar Review
SoapWorks 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar

100% Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar:( Rs 399 for 80gms) It was supposed to be a travel-friendly tin box but I received a cardboard one. Today, I saw that they have added a message that this will be the case till 15th July. I do not have any problem as I can use other tin box if needed for travel. Smells out of the world. Will be using tomorrow.

  • Deep Conditioning Hair Butter Rs 597.00 for 60gms
  • All Day Coconut Butter Rs 589 for 80gms
  • Healing Cleansing Balm with Propolis Rs 597

I also received a free canvas tote bag which has partitions for vegetable shopping.



  1. Wow! Absolutely love the packaging. I have given up on plastic waste since January 2018 and the only waste I create is beauty waste. This brand sounds like an amazing option

  2. Love to see the review on Deep Conditioning Hair Butter,.. I will wait for it,..

  3. Hi, i just wanted to know that are coconut products good for oily skin and scalp. Do they not make you look more oily and there is a threat of pimples to come?

    1. Unless you are using too much coconut that is dripping to your forehead AND you do not clean your face after you handle hair AND you have some issue with coconut oil - I do not see any issue. I love coconut in my hair products.

  4. i never know the use of adobe shadow until i saw this post. thank you for this! this is very helpful. packaging


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