Massive Skincare and Makeup Declutter

Jun 24, 2019

Massive Skincare and Makeup Declutter

I am borderline ashamed of sharing this. 

Actually, chuck that. I am deeply embarrassed to share this. 

But, every failure can be a learning experience and that is how I would like to take it ahead. 

I started blogging around December 2011. I used to buy a lot of makeup and skin care inspired by the new launches and by other blogger Add to that the PR samples. In the summer of 2013, I realized that I might have a hoarding nature and posted my first ever Empties Post. 

I continued doing empties post and I had a very systematic method of decluttering as well. I used to give away things that I think I will not use anymore. 

For example, I buy a night cream. I used it for a month to review it. I already have another night cream lined after that. Therefore, I give away the half tub of night cream to someone in my extended family or I use it up as body moisturizer and feature it on empties post. 

Things were going smooth. 

Then, I moved to Noida in 2017. There were a million things on my shoulders. I was working from home but my work hours were pathetic. The light condition in my home was terrible. The images clicked by my camera were sub-par. I tried. God knows I have tried but I could not do much. 

In addition, my skin was not great (which later turned out to be because of stress arising from the points mentioned above) but I felt it was not right to share skincare reviews. My confidence level plummeted. I was actually not even taking proper care of my skin because nothing seemed to work as the issue was not even tropical. 

Anyways, when the issue of stress was resolved, I tried to bring my life back on track. I lost a lot of readership but I am equally thankful to all who still comes to visit me here. (A million kisses for you.) 

Long story short, my skincare and makeup kept on piling because 

A. I was using not them as I was not confident about my skin. 

B. I was not donating them (who can I give a half-used bottle of skincare?). 

Some of them expired and I did not even check. This April, during spring-cleaning, I tried to remove everything that I have not used in the last six months. Sort of Marie Kondo my life but I still kept all my facemasks. I started throwing them away as and when I saw them but then I thought of putting it all in a bag to see how much products I wasted. 

A couple of weeks back, Swarnali was at my home here in Noida and she helped to prune my makeup collection. Then I realized, that I am so much in love with Sugar cosmetics - the Eye Told you So Eyeliner and Smudge me not lip color that I was not using any other eyeliner or lipstick/lip color. 

Massive Skincare and Makeup Declutter

I still have more makeup and skincare to throw away which I keeping because of some post I want to feature them in future or reference them in the future (like foundation color). But, more will be thrown away soon. 

It is not easy to say goodbye but I did. I just clicked a few photos before throwing them away. I felt bad for adding this much garbage to our landfills. But, I want to keep this in my mind every time I think of buying anything new. 

Massive Skincare and Makeup Declutter




  1. Oh man skincare is fine but who throws away makeup? I personally don't care about expiry dates forbpowder products. .. That is probably coz I have well behaved skin.... Anyway I am feeling so bad for the makeup you threw... It isn't even funny lol

  2. Hey Shayoni
    Loved the new blog post
    I used to be a makeup hoarder in college and for the first two years of my marriage. But am no longer buying everything I see. I have my style figured out what I want to wear and how I can go from day to night with minimal products. Skincare I still haven’t figured out as am still working on it.But I have made up some rules for myself. Am sharing them with you and I hope you like them too.
    1. Be as natural as possible even while wearing makeup because makeup is meant to enhance your features not cover them up.
    2. It’s not a good idea to always follow new trends as they might not suit you. I rarely contour but I love my highlighter.
    3. By herbal and nature based products. Even when buying products for makeup. Buy herbal and use stuff from your own kitchen.
    4. 7 days of the week 7 different lip colors.
    5. Lastly meditate everyday for stress free skin.
    Lots of love ��

  3. I would have cried if I were in your place!!! I still do worhy stash every once in a while * sigh *

    1. that is the exact reason they kept on piling in my home. I kept them because throwing them away will kill me. But this had to be done. If not today then maybe after 5 years.

  4. Thank you for sharing Shayoni. It's really hard to let things go off.


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