Bath & Body Works AROMATHERAPY Stress Relief (Eucalyptus + Spearmint) Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Body Oil

Jun 10, 2019

April 2018: Bath and Body Works is going to come to India.

July 3rd, 2018: I enter Bath and Body Works. Runs out screaming internally.

The choices at the store are insane. Moreover, the names are not easy to predict. How I am supposed to know how 'Fiji Sands' smells like or 'Comfort' smells like? Your comfort can different from my comfort! By the time, I have tried five-six, I get overwhelmed and I step out. This continued for more than six months.

This February, on my birthday: I decided - come what may, I am going to buy something. Something. Anything.

(I remember that the same happened when I went to Bath and Body Works in Bali. I purchased three mists because I had no intention to miss anything.)

I reached for the Aromatherapy range. I have seen the Eucalyptus range on my last visit or their Instagram page. However, it was nowhere to be seen at the store. I tied Happy but it was not as citrusy as I wanted it to be. I tried others. When my nose almost gave up, I asked them to recommend me something with Eucalyptus. They recommended 'Stress Relief' and I got three products from the range. I also wanted a body scrub but since, Stress Relief Body Scrub was not available, I got the 'Focus' variant (Tea and Eucalyptus).

Texture: I like the texture of all. They are exactly how they should be. The shower gel is medium viscous and foams moderately. Does not dried skin. The body oil is on the dry side but yet moisturizing and spreads easily. The body lotion is easy to apply and moisturizing without a sticky feeling.

Packaging: Someone give them a pat on the back for the packaging. The shower gel bottle is plastic but the body oil and body lotion is glass! I loved the idea. I am going to use them later for sure. Also, the body lotion pump has a thin nozzle which I find very classy.

Fragrance: It says Eucalyptus and Spearmint. My mind will automatically think it is Eucalyptus with some Spearmint for a fresh feel. Wrong. It is majorly Spearmint. Especially the shower gel. The only thing my brain connects with spearmint is toothpaste. Ergo, my brain thinks I am bathing using toothpaste. Not very stress relieving. Is it? I am using the body lotion. In fact, a couple of days back, I shifted it to my nightstand so that I used it more. It does not have the intense scent of spearmint like the shower gel.

Overall: I love the texture and I love the packaging. I am going to buy more from Bath and Body Works. That is for sure. But, I do not love the scent of these. I am planning to add tea tree or eucalyptus or ylang-ylang essential oils to the shower gel and body oil so that I can use it.

Repurchase BBW Stress Relief? I found out recently that there is another variant of Stress Relief - Sandalwood and Eucalyptus! I am going crazy just thinking about it. So, I am going to check that out when I see them on the store for sure.

Word of advice when buying from Bath and Body Words:
  • Plan your visit properly. Do not go when you have less time in hand or shopping with an impatient person who cannot be at one store for more than 10 minutes.
  • BBW always have 'buy 3 get one' free offer. Always. That offer is not going anywhere. By chance, you do not see the offer on that day, postpone of shopping plan. Also, the three wick candles are always on offer at Rs 1495.
  • Check all the variants online on the USA store. Not everything will be available but you will know which ones to keep an eye for.
  • The stores are packed with a zillion variants. Take your time if needed.
  • Do not go by the name. See what happened to me.
  • If you like coconuts and see anything with coconut then grab it. BBW is never steady with the supply of the coconut variants. Same goes for Peach.


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  1. Hi, Can you share ingredients of the Spearmint and Eucalyptus Body Oil?


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