Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy FOCUS Body Scrub

Jun 12, 2019

I recently reviewed the first products I got from Bath and Body Works - Aromatherapy Stress Relief. They were just three. There is always a Buy-3-Get-1-Free offer going on at Bath and Body Works India shops. So, I like to believe this is my free one - Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Focus Body Scrub. Which BTW is not true because the free one is the least priced one and this is not. 😊

Price: Rs 1495 for 250ml. The Body Shop ones are for Rs 1195 and Kama Ayurveda Scrub is Rs 1495. Kama Ayurveda is still the most expensive as the others are available on offer. (Though there is no neem in their neem scrub!)

Texture: Very thick with exfoliating beads. I used it on wet skin. But, it foams up as well so, you cannot exfoliate for too long. Not a wise thing to use on dry skin as you might end up wasting product or using too much. This will last me much longer because the scrub is very thick. Probably, the thickest of scrubs I have used. Plus, not drying.

Fragrance: Very fresh and uplifting. I love it far more than BBW Stress Relief. Not at all overpowering. 

Packaging: Flip top tube packaging. Sturdy. I am very happy with this packaging. It gets more usage because I have confidently kept in the bathroom. I am afraid of keeping the jars in the bathroom worrying that some water might get in. In fact, I keep my jar scrubs out and take only the amount needs in a small bowl to the shower. So, impromptu body scrubbing plans always go down the drain (pun intended). I used this one a lot.

Overall: I love it. I loved the texture, the ease of use, and it forms and cleans off without drying. The price point is higher but so, I will always club it with others while purchasing. I loved it so much I thought of giving their famous sugar scrubs a try. I purchased that in my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works - Sweet Pea. I might convert to Bath and Body Works for scrubs with interesting fragrance. I have a lot to explore so I might to repurchase this exact one.

The only thing that makes me feel bad about buying it is the plastic body. I love how BBW has glass for body care. I can understand that having glass bottles in the bathroom is a hazard. Plus, glass bottles are heavier so, shipping is expensive and even that adds to the carbon footprint.


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