Habits for Good Skin + Skincare Products Update

May 24, 2019

Skincare request continues to be my most requested post. Trust me, it is not that great. Nor it is rocket science. 😉

I have done a detailed skincare post this January (It was the first post of this year!). So, please read that before you read this. I will wait here. Link 😊

Done? Good. Now, here are a few things that I am doing because thankfully, it is getting better. I am always prepared that my skin will do downhill during summer. But, it didn't this year. 

(I just have a couple of tiny bumps along the hairline because I slept with The Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask and Coconut Oil. These are experiments I will do to test products before I recommend them or suggest alternative use. So, this cannot stop coz I don't lie with you)

So, I thought of sharing a few updates in my skincare products. 

But, a change of a few habits is the prime reason. You need to do a little every day. This post lists the good skincare habits and the next part of the post with Product Update.

Good Skin Habits
  • Fixed hours for sleep. This was more out of compulsion instead of habit. In 2017 summer, my skin was at its worst. The phase lasted until I changed my company where I no longer work from home. Therefore, I get up every morning by seven. Automatically, I am sleepy by 12 in the night. My husband is still a night owl so, I do stay awake after two am most times. Interestingly, every time I do that for more than a couple of night, I can see that my skin gifts me a tiny pimple or two. I do not like to stay awake late now because it does not seem worth it anymore. I think it has something to do with digestion, better absorbing of the nutrients I consume, healthier repair while I sleep….you know. 
  • Avoiding red chili powder and garam masala powder in food. I am Bengali who eats a mix of spicy food and simple food. I am married to a Rajasthani who loves things hot. I was ensuring that everything made at home was having heap full of chili powder and garam masala. I was not realizing that it was harming me. This year from Goa, I picked up a lot of spices. I was using them instead of the powders and I could feel a difference in my health. I decided one day to slowly remove chili powder and garam masala powder. I use them only in the non-powdered form so that I get the flavor but do not eat them. I still eat out where I do not have control over what goes into my food. Nevertheless, at least my body better receives my nutritious home-cooked meals. I try to use more of cumin, coriander, and turmeric in my food - they are great for your body. If I need to add heat in my food, I prefer black pepper - amazing ingredient but underrated in India. I powder pepper, cumin, coriander at home. 
  • Eat seasonal. Those cauliflowers are tempting but I say no to them on Friday evening farmer's market visit. You end up with fewer chemicals in your body. Follow Rujuta Diwekar for no non-sense diet gyans.
  • Avoid Sun and Pollution. I reach office before 9 when it is not too hot and leave after 5. I do use sunscreen but it is better to avoid a few things. When I need to out in the sun, I do so looking like a bandit when I step out. 😷

  • Don’t let the sweat sit on your skin. Sweating is good but there is no reason for letting it sit on your face. I have been doing it for years. After I reach office, I make a beeline to the washroom - face wash, moisturize, eyeliner, lipstick. Does not take more than 10 minutes but so so so good for your skin. I know it is not possible for everyone but please make this habit if you can.

  • I try to worry less and let go of things. Watercoloring is helping for now.


  • Regular with Acids. Even though I am dead tired, I try my best to use glycolic acid at night. I use Pixi Glow. I tried Dr. Sheth's Gulab Glycolic as well. Going to stick with Pixi Glow for now and I have got the back up as well. I got a few more acids from The Ordinary. 
  • Added Vitamin C to my regime. Using The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% for two weeks now. It has a gritty texture, so, as suggested by The Ordinary website, I mix it with my moisturizer. In my case - rosehip oil. I am using LifeFlo now but going to start The Ordinary from next week. 

  • Delhi weather was bone dry last month. Using only Nuxe Reve de Miel and I do not think I am going to use anything else. I can see why people are addicted to this. 


PS: Pic from March: Notice the small marks on the forehead and pink spots on cheeks. All gone now.


  1. Replies
    1. I think it is heat of the spices that disturbs my gut biome. There is no garam masala powder in my home any more :D

  2. Very informative post Shayoni. Do you use pixi every single night? I use it 3-4 times in a week.

    1. Yes. I am to use it every night but I do end up skipping at times because of laziness or if I am travelling/staying over at friends etc

  3. Thank you,.. some new things I learnt,..

  4. From where u get Pixi and The Ordinary products?


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