Dr Sheth's Clarifying SULPHUR Face Mask for Indian Skin

May 2, 2019

Another face mask review from the facemask addict.😊

Whenever I see a new face mask, electricity runs through my veins. I automatically add it to my cart and click on pay. Over the years, I have learned a lot (Read: spend foolishly on skincare that was of no use leading me to realize that I need to focus on ingredients and on the price tag) so, this foolish behavior has reduced a lot. Still, there is always that itch that flares up when I see new skincare. 

When Dr. Sheth's launched a Sulphur face mask, I was intrigued. I tried to control myself but I finally gave in. (I was actually trying to find a dupe for Pixi Glow. Dr. Sheth's have a Gulab Glycolic Toner. When I got the toner, I added this as well to the cart as well.)

Price: Rs 749 for 30 grams. Yes, it is expensive.

Packaging: Dark glass tub with plastic screw-in cap. The paper wrapper on the glass tub was damaged in transit as something leaked. It even turned the color of the wrapper and dislodged the glue.

Ingredients: Water, Kaolin (pore cleansing clay), Bentonite (pore cleansing clay), Liquid Paraffin (hydration), Propylene Glycol (solubilizer), Isopropyl Myristate (solubilizer), Glycerin (hydration), Titanium Dioxide (brightening, protection), Capryloyl Glycine (oil control), Sarcosine (oil control), Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract (oil control), Cetyl Alcohol (emulsifier), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (cleansing agent), Sulphur (exfoliating, antibacterial), Niacinamide (brightening), Stearyl Alcohol (co emulsifier), Vitamin E Acetate (repair), Sodium Acrylates Copolymer (emulsifier, cooling agent), Lecithin (hydration), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (stabilizer), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Passion Fruit Oil (oil balance, antibacterial), BHT (antioxidant), EDTA (heavy metal remover), Allantoin (wound healing), Perfume.

Texture: Almost like toothpaste. It does not dry up completely like clay pack - no cracks or stretchy possibly because of the liquid paraffin. It washes off easily thanks to the cleansing agent - Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate that by the way is not a great ingredient. It is milder than SLS but still considered moderately hazardous.

Dr. Sheth's markets it as a mask, primer or spot therapy. I could test it only as a mask. I do not wear foundation so, could not use it as a primer. For spot therapy, it was not successful as it just transfers to my pillowcase.

As a mask, it is soothing. Never irritated or burned. Ever. I liked it and hence I kept it for use in summer. It does soothe skin. But, the reason I purchased it was acne control. It failed to show any action against acne. I was traveling most of the days in the last fortnight of April. Lack of sleep and water gave way to tiny bumps and acne. This, unfortunately, did nothing. Nothing. Soothes the skin. Does not irritate. But, nothing against acne.

Overall: I like the mask. It is a good clay mask that does not dry up on the skin nor irritates the skin. If you have dry skin willing to try a clay mask then I see no problem. If you are conscious about the ingredient that goes in your skincare then you might not be very happy. Plus, do not spend your money if acne is your concern. I am going to finish it off as an after-sun mask. Considering that it is a tiny tub with just 30 gms product, it will be over any day soon.


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