The Body Shop Shop 100% Shea Butter Review

May 9, 2019

This was just waiting to happen and it did.The Body Shop is known for comminty trade and use of vegan ingredients in their skincare, bath, and body. I was waiting that maybe one day they will start retailing those very ingredients. Lo and behold - my favorite ingredient of all - Shea Butter is now available at The Body Shop India store.

I must add here that The Body Shop is no longer linked to L'Oreal (L'Oreal does animal testing but TBS philosophy is against it). The band is now owned by Natura&co paying fare wages and promoting sustainable harvesting methods.

Price: Rs 1595 for 150ml

Ingredients: Shea butter and citric acid. This shea butter is sustainably sourced from Tungteiya Women’s Association in northern Ghana which takes a traditional 18 step process to create. 

Packaging: The shea butter is packed in a plastic ziplock. You can transfer it to a glass bottle but I am keeping this way for now. The outer paper packaging is made of paper. I love the packaging and it is entirely different from the other packaging from The Body Shop. It is unique and suits the product vision very well. 

Texture: In room temperature, it is brittle solid. I take a pea size amount on my left palm and rub it will my right index finger. In few seconds, it transforms to a butter like texture. It spreads easily on skin. It is heavy and protective. However, does not feel heavy or sticky at all on skin. Delhi weather is dry and hot now but this does not feel uncomfortable. It almost feels like nothing. Just leaving behind a smooth skin for you to enjoy. I love it use if after my night shower. Taking a moment to slowly enjoy my skincare routine. (Shea butter is used by Ghanaian women to help protect their skin from dry Saharan desert winds)

Fragrance: Nothing like the TBS Shea collection scent. It is almost negligible.

Efficacy: Hands down the most moisturing product I have tried for my body. I used to think that Almond Oil is the boss. No. This is. It feels like nothing on skin, yet moisturizes deeply, and seals in the moisture. I can feel it during my morning shower. Does not feel tacky/sticky/irritating ever. Soothing for skin but I have not tried on sun damaged skin yet. 

Overall: Must buy. You need a tiny amount so, this is going to last me long. I am going to get backups soon. I hope The Body Shop never stops selling this. I used it as a body butter but you can create your own DIYs with this. Mix some essential oils and Voila! You have one product that can be used from head to toe. Highly recommend this.

Love you 3000. (Avengers End Game reference) 


More From TBS Wesbite: 

We’ve sustainably sourced our Community Trade shea butter from the Tungteiya Women’s Association in northern Ghana since 1994. 640 women from 11 villages handcraft 390 tons of shea butter for us every year using an 18-stage process passed from mother to daughter for generations. Each woman takes two days to expertly produce our shea in 25kg batches using traditional techniques to ensure the highest quality. 

As well as paying a fair price, we pay a premium to help empower these women and help them to achieve an independent income, increased confidence and respect. This premium also helps fund community projects that positively impact the lives of 49,000 people across 11 villages every year. These community projects include building 7 schools that educate 1,200 students and enabling access for the community to safe water and health centres.

Freshly fallen shea fruits are sustainably harvested from the ground. The women also plant some of the nuts to reseed and grow trees for future generations.

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