Blend it Raw Apothecary ROSE HYDROSOL Review

May 6, 2019

Blend it Raw Apothecary Rose Hydrosol Review

Three things that are always in my bag this summer:

1. Sunglasses. I get severe headaches in the sun. Got a pair for Sarojini that is doing the work.😎

2. Sunscreen. (I will share my favorite this summer soon.)🌞🔥

3. Rosewater. I even get the boys traveling with me to use this. 😇

I love trying new rosewater variants. Hence, when I discovered Blend it Raw selling their Rose Hydrosols in glass bottles, I picked one. (I met the owner at Lil' Flea and I also purchased another summer staple - Aloe gel). They have several other hydrosols and I wanted to try Rose on first.

Price: Rs 400 for 100ml.

Packaging: Tinted glass bottle with a plastic spray nozzle. It is about to get over and I am going to reuse the bottle. Any suggestions?

What is so special about Blend it Raw? I have tried a few of their products earlier and they are good quality products with a burn-a-hole-in-your-pocket price tag. 

Blend it Raw Apothecary Rose Hydrosol Review

What is Rose Hydrosol? Rose hydrosol is the purest form of rose water. Blend it Raw Rose Hydrosol is created by steam distillation process using organic rose petals from Uttarakhand. 

Blend it Raw Apothecary Rose Hydrosol Review

How is the Blend it Raw Rose Hydrosol? Refreshing as all rose water without the artificial strong fragrance that is present in other brand rose waters. It is almost free of fragrance. Someone with a sensitive nose will enjoy this. 

Blend it Raw Apothecary Rose Hydrosol Reivew

Overall: I loved using this and I am surely going to repurchase sometime. If you do not like intense smelling rose waters then this is right in your alley. 

Wondering which one to try next… 🌹



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