Where is the 4 O'clock Tea?

Apr 10, 2019

After seeing some fancy hair transformations on Instagram, I was 'influenced' to get my hair colored. A cut was also due. I cannot take chances. I am not young enough for that. Therefore, only the best will do. 

I booked an appointment 24 hours in advance in a posh locality of South Delhi. I called half an hour back that I will be 15 minutes late. (Some issue with Uber booking). I reached the salon and then I was asked to sit. Sit. No one asked for water or tea. I felt that maybe I was about to be met my hairdresser so, they will ask me later. Meanwhile, I checked the rate card. Gulp. The cut was more than 2.5 times what I usually pay. But, this is one of the best and I do not cut my hair every day. It is once in a six-month affair. Totally makes sense to spend that much one in a while. 

I waited for another 15 minutes with no proper updates from them. Every time I asked, they said, "Just 2 more minutes." I know that they are lying. They know that they are lying. However, they do not know that I know that they are lying. Therefore, I said, "I have some errands to run. Can you please tell me 'exactly' how long it will take? I will accordingly finish up some work." The answer comes - "Thirty minutes"

Not two. Not ten. Not fifteen. Thirty. I was already waiting there for almost 15 minutes. They gave this appointment. I did not pick the time. Yet, I have to wait this long. 

The cherry on top - No one has yet asked me for even water! 

Then, I noticed that they asked no one. No one had water, tea, or coffee.

I called my go-to place at Saket. Got asked for water and tea three times in the first five minutes. There I said it. It matters a lot to me. It gives me a feeling that they care. Heck, I do not even drink tea or coffee! Most of the time, I do not even take water. But, asking for drinks gives them brownie points which decides how frequently I visit them. (Reminds me of something I read on Cynthia's blog)

This is the only reason I am yet to try Urban Clap. Who will offer the drinks? Me?

Other than water, I do drink caffeine free drinks. One brand I am thankful to is Organic India for their Tulsi Range. I usually drink them around 4 in the afternoon. Curbs my pangs for junk food in the evening. In addition, it is great for the skin too. I should have started this earlier. 

There are several variants in Tulsi but they all taste similar. I will suggest that you go for Tulsi Ginger or Original Tulsi. It is a mix of three types of tulsi. The bags are staple free as well. 

I also like some other fusion blends. I will talk about them in the next post.

PS: In case you are wondering about the hair color. Here is what my hairdresser said, "Ma'am you already use henna. Use natural products as long as you can. Only try chemical if you really really really really really want to. And the day when YOU want it, I will be here for you."

Only then I realized that I was just influenced by fancy videos. I did not want it 'real'.

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