Postcards from Mussoorie, UK

Apr 23, 2019

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend. There should be at least one every month. I had some plans but things did not materialize. On the very last moment, I decided to visit one very famous hill station that I have not visited yet - Mussoorie - The Queen of Hills. 🌄

I used to do these post before but I share the pics on Instagram and Instastories. But, they act as lovely diaries for me. So, I thought I will start again.

We left around 2 AM to cross all the flat land in dark. By the time we were near Dehradoon, it was dawn. Reached way before the hotel will provide us early check-in. Though I did not have a place to rest, I was happy that I had the fresh mountain air in my lungs and not the carbon from traffic. Traffic in Mussorie and on the way to Mussoorie is insane. Probably the worst I have encountered at any hill station. And it was not even raining or snowing. Please avoid taking cars on Mall road or to Landour. Unless you want to enjoy Mumbai traffic at a hill station. Mall road is almost flat but Landour is steep. 

Day 1, first stop, LBSNAA. They have without a doubt one of the best views from Mussorie. One can see Yamunotri from there. We returned to our hotel around noon but almost dead tired but decided against sleeping. Instead, we walked to Kalsang. We also stopped from random street food but the food at Kalsang touched my soul. Please visit Kalsang at Mall Road if you like Tibetian food. Walked some more till Chic Chocolate for brownies and a great view of Dehradoon from Glen area.

One Day 2, we walked up on Landor till Char Dukan area. I kept checkpoints to keep me motivated. We started with a hearty breakfast at Litle Llama - highly recommended. Then, the clock tower. I also found a couple of vintage shops. Picked a wooden puzzle from Mussorie Heritage Center. I do not recall the name of the other shop. Next point - Domas Cafe. Lovely decor. Almost like a monastery. Then to Ivy Cafe (found the reference in Ruskin Bond's book) around Char Dukan area. But, our friend suggested we skip Ivy Cafe walk up for Rokeby Manor. It is a beautiful property. Unfortunately, the chefs have changed so, it was not as amazing an experience as our friend had had a year back. Food was good but not worth the price. Plus, the GST on their food is 18%. So, not going to recommend this. 

We walked down after that. It was almost 4 PM so, we were aware that we missed Ruskin Bond. (He is available at Cambridge Book Depot at Mall Road every Saturday around 3:30. I have met him earlier at Kolkata so, I was not as heartbroken as I would have). On the way, we did stop for the famous Lovely Omelet Shop - a tiny hole in the wall shop with siting available for four. The line was so long that the owner/cook denied us service. The closed sign was up but people were still waiting for hours! I also went to Cafe De Tavern but stepped out because the prices are insane and service is slow. We walked back to The Glen for drinks and snacks as we enjoyed the live music (Starts at 7 PM). A lovely way to end our day.

We left Sunday before noon to avoid traffic. Yes, traffic is mad. The only reason I might never visit Mussorie again will be the traffic. If I do, then I will make a beeline to Kalsang or Little Llama depending on my mood.😊

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