Apr 18, 2019

I am over 30 years old Indian and I do not drink tea. 

It is not that I hate tea. I love the idea to enjoy a hot cuppa. But, while growing up I have seen far too many people addicted to tea. I met people who cannot image their day to start without tea. People who get severe headaches when they do not get to drink their evening cup of hot tea. For me, this was scarier than alcoholism! 

Okay, I had it once. The only time I ever had tea in my life was when my mother-in-law's elder septuagenarian sister with whom I do not share any common language offered me tea. There was no one around so, I could not explain her in sign language that I never in my life had tea and I do not drink it. She actually took it for I am shy so, she smiled and started requesting me. I gulped down the whole cup.

But, I want to drink a hot cuppa! Slowly sip and enjoy the warm sensation especially on winter afternoons and rainy evenings. 

I was introduced to infusions at a Typhoo event. I was not very happy with them. Later, I got to know about Organic India Tulsi (offered for free in an airline). But, things were not picking up for me. In fact, last summer I again got the Typhoo and some other brand infusions which I later gave to someone who liked it. But, the start of this year, I finally started to like Organic India Tulsi Ginger - very calming for stomach and soothes the throat.  

Heath and Heather Rosehip Tea

And then happened the biggest discovery - Heath and Heather Rosehip Tea. I found this one at Mumbai Aiport Apollo pharmacy. It is not 100% rosehip. It is 50% rosehip and 50% hibiscus - has a sweet and tarty smell and is red in color. Luckily, they are also available at Apollo at Mall of India, Noida. So, I think they will be available at all nice Apollo pharmacies.

I also got the Night-Time for sleep from Health and Becker.

I tried to try Typhoo again. Found them again at Spencers. The lemon one is okayish and you might like it for the lemongrass but I am still not a big fan.

I also found Typhoo Chamomile - beautiful packaging. Even the individual packets are beautiful. Now, this was the game changer. I tried it and I do not think I have slept that well for ages. Soothes nerves and stop your brain from overthinking. Loved every bit. I am going to get Chamomile again but definitely from some other brand. Typhoo tea bags are not stapled free like Heath and Becker or Organic Harvest.

I also got to know about infusions done by Cafe Coffee Day and The Hillcart Tales. I want to try both. Any recommendation on such caffeine free drinks?

Also, here is a travel trick - carry your tea bags on flights. The flight attendant who charges Rs 100 or more for tea will happily give you a cup of hot water for your tea. Side effects may include glares from passengers sitting beside wondering why they did not think of this brilliant plan while trying to shove the flavorless noodles. 😊


  1. Although, I am a tea addict; however you can try out the TE-A-ME infusion tea bags in the orange ginger variant (maybe you'd like them). Also, I saw you at the Cinepolis event last year but would definitely take the first step next time to interact :)

    1. I think I have tried the TE-A-ME last year but I am not 100% sure. They have lot of other variants. Also, we must meet soon :)


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