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Apr 9, 2019

One of my biggest regrets is that I do not do as many creative things that I want to do. I want to do a lot but I am trapped inside a body that is super lazy. It is tough being me because it is difficult for me to be happy - I am either disappointed that I am not able to cross off a million things on my to-do list or I am upset that I do not rest much. :D

On top of my not-able-to-do-creative-things list is take pictures for the blog and write more posts to share with you. This changed last month. On Saturday, I woke up around 8 AM (too early for weekends for me…remember…'lazy') and I discovered that the sunshine filled my room. I rushed to take as many pictures I could. I woke up again the next day to repeat it. The light stays for less than two hours so, it was a pure rush of adrenaline as I run around for my home for things to be part of the flatlays and arrange things up so that there isn't too much shadow in the picture. When I clicked this, the light was gone. It gave me immense pleasure to know that I have clicked a few pictures worthy of time and I could update the review on the blog.

The other configurations just formed as I was idly trying to clean up this chaotic mess.

Speaking of creating new things, I have decided to start on water coloring. I actually picked a camel tubes colors and camelin pan colors last year. I tried the camel tubes on normal papers and never got the result I desired so, left the idea the next day. Later, during the Stationery Fair, I found 300gsm paper but the texture was not great. Moreover, drawing on A4 sheets is overwhelming. There is so much space to cover! I recently got A5 300gsm papers from Brushtro. I was not feeling well. To distract myself, I tried the use the camelin pan colors on the Brushtro paper. Lo and behold - finally something that was showing up how I wanted it to show. Happiness.

I randomly share them on my Insta stories. Later, I got to know about Sitaram Stationery. I picked St. Petersburg White Night watercolors and my passion for water coloring just went up one thousand notches. I think I will pick more colors. I still need brushes. I still need to practice a lot more before I share my work. Nevertheless, it gives me a lot of pleasure to create something and not just consume in Netflix episodes. Be a creator and not just a consumer. I still watch shows on Netflix (currently on Gilmore Girls) but those are majorly for background noise. In addition, water coloring does not require too much moving around. I can get it down sitting on my bed with the AC on full blast. So, my lazy bones are also not complaining.

If you know good stationery stores in Delhi, then please tell me. 


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