The Body Shop SATSUMA Jumbo Shower Gel

Feb 26, 2019

The Body Shop SATSUMA Jumbo Shower Gel Review
The Body Shop Satsuma Jumbo Shower Gel Review

Orange is not an exotic fruit for India. You find several variants. Now, we also have tangerine, clementine, and kinnow available easily. But, when it comes to bath products, it becomes a rare sight. While citrusy lemony scents are common, orangey scents are not. I have tried high and low to get a refreshing zesty orange bath product but I have always failed. I always end up going back to The Body Shop Satsuma. 

Forest Essentials - My go-to brand for fragrance also has a range for Coorg Mandarin but no shower gel or even soap in that range. Another bath product giant - Bath and Body Works have Orange Ginger (Energy) but no Orange Citrus range.

To finish all the drama, I decided to get the big jumbo bottle. Trust me, they need good thought put in before purchase because they can last more than a year as you need very little of this. 

The jumbo shower bottle option is also available for olive and moringa (my other favorite from TBS permanent line) 

The Body Shop Satsuma Jumbo Shower Gel Review Price in India

Price: Rs 1095 for 750ml. 

The Body Shop Satsuma Ingredients

Scent: Zesty and refreshing orangey fragrance – very close to orange Fanta. Highly refreshing and my favourite choice for morning showers especially in summers. Unfortunately, does not last on skin. (Moringa does!)

The Body Shop Jumbo Regular Travel Size Satsuma, Strawberry, Tea Tree

Packaging: Mighty big bottle. Here is a comparison between the jumbo shower gel, the regular size, and the travel size. It comes with a pump so, it is very convenient (I have a new found love for any bath and body product that comes with a pump – super convenient) 

I have done the review of the Satsuma body butter, shower gel, and body mist earlier. Even back in 2015, I mentioned that I will buy the jumbo bottle and I finally did. 

Currently, I am also using the Satsuma Body Polish and the EDT. But, I must say that the shower gel is the star for me. 

What is your favorite shower gel? 



  1. This bottle is HUGE !
    I got so many TBS products thanks to you
    I will def. try this

    1. Do try! The scent is very refreshing and turn a gloomy day bright :)

  2. TBS satsuma and olive are my favourite.hv u tried kama sanobar body wash? It has mild orangey fragrance.

    1. it is very interesting how I have been using TBS products for sooooo long but never ever tried Olive. Not even at the store! I gotta give it a try soon.
      Thanks for the Sanobar recco. I will try that too. Thanks, Ashtha :)


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