Juicy Chemistry ROSEHIP Oil (Cold Pressed Organic)

Feb 15, 2019

Juicy Chemistry ROSEHIP Oil (Cold Pressed Organic) Review
Juicy Chemistry ROSEHIP Oil (Cold Pressed Organic) Review

After a lot of thought and requests from you, I decided to try a rosehip oil that is available in India. In case you are not aware then here are some details. Rosehip seed oil is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It is absorbed quickly by the skin. Also, praised a lot for its anti-aging and blemish/scar reduction property. I have seen my dark spots facing when I use LifeFlo Rosehip Oil and swear by the benefits. LifeFlow rosehip oil is less than Rs 400 a bottle but only available via iherb which is notorious for attracting heavy custom charges 👎

So, I got the one from Juicy Chemistry. I wanted to try a lot of things from Juicy Chemistry and added them to the cart as well. Want to see the haul post?

Juicy Chemistry rosehip oil is Cosmos Certified Organic, NON-GMO, Cold Pressed, and of French origin. This is 100% rosehip oil and nothing is added. LifeFlo is 99% rosehip with 1% vitamin E used as a preservative.

Price: Rs 540 for 30ml. Available on offer in Nykaa but I will urge you to buy natural products directly from the website. The brand will always send a fresh product.

Packaging: Tinted bottle with glass dropper. I carry it me to the office and thankfully never faced leakage issue.

Color: Golden yellow. Almost like Kumkumadi oils. I use it during the day. Tint looks like a glow on the skin but the stain is still dark for my skin. I have to careful not to use much. Anyone fairer than me will have to use it only at night. 

Texture: Viscous. Much thicker than LifeFlo rosehip oil.

Usage: The oil is quickly absorbed but leaves a stain. But, no stickiness. It is absorbed within quickly. I have not faced any breakout while using it. None. No other skin issues as well. I do like the oil and found it effective. Did I miss LifeFlo while using it? Yes. Because the JC one is more viscous and stains. The bread of rose used the composition is different. I also wonder how long I will be able to use the bottle after opening as there are no preservatives.

Overall: I like this. I do not adore it as much as I love the LifeFlo one for the reasons mentioned above but I can see a backup here which I can use in case I cannot get my hands on LifeFlo. If you have not tried rosehip oil so far and if your skin tone is wheatish or darker then I will suggest that you go for Juicy Chemistry Rosehip oil.

Any other brands that I should give a try? I am all ears.


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  1. I am such a huge rose hip oil fan but can't seem to get my hands on it. .. Amazon is full of new brands selling rosehip oil but I can't get to trust anyone.. This review helps a lot.. . I can deal with staining since I want to use it at night n also I have dry skin. .. Thanks for the review

  2. Replies
    1. I did not had any scars to begin with (Thanks to LifeFlo). For skin elasticity, it works like all face oils do. Do go for this if staining is not a issue or if you wish to wear it at night :)

  3. M definitely trying this...ordering it right away!

  4. I have normal to oily skin , should I try this ?

  5. How do you use Rosewater post serum , how does it help


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