Forest Essentials HASAYAN Rose Facial Tonic Mist Review

Feb 25, 2019

Forest Essentials HASAYAN Rose Facial Tonic Mist Review

A part of my mind says - Stop buying rose water. You have enough.

Another part says - New! New! New! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Guess which part wins. Every. Single. Time. 🙊🙈

This might be a shocker but I do not like the regular line of rosewater by Forest Essentials (Rosa Damascene). I find the fragrance of that one too strong for use. But, the SA told me that Hasayan Roses are the pink Desi Gulab (Rosa Rubiginosa) and have a milder fragrance. How could I say no?

Forest Essentials HASAYAN Rose Facial Tonic Mist Review

Price: Rs 345 for 50ml. Also available in 100 (750ml) and 200ml (Rs 1,450) bottles. 

I went for the travel size because I was trying on the room fresheners before this and my sense of smell was not with me. I was not sure how it smells like. 

Packaging: Now, if you remember, Hasayan rose face mist was also launched by FE in 2016 spring but it was not made a regular. ( I could not try it that that). The packaging was also very different from the usual FE bottles – very fresh and pretty. But, this time they have the same packaging as the regular line of products. Does it mean it is now a regular and available all-round the year? Let’s see.

It comes in a plastic opaque spray bottle. The bottle is travel-friendly and the spray works well. No leakage issue so far. 

Forest Essentials HASAYAN Rose Facial Tonic Mist Price

Forest Essentials HASAYAN Rose Facial Tonic Mist Price

Texture: Light rose water. No sticky feel after use. Refreshing feel. 

Scent: Far milder than the Rose Absolute regular line. The rose smell is very mild but sweeter. But, when it was new I could also get a hint of citronella in the beginning. I have almost used half of the bottle and now that is almost gone.

Forest Essentials Hasayan Rose Water Facial Tonic Mist

Overall: I know a lot of people are die-hard fans of FE Absolute Rose Water. But, in case that scent is stronger for you then you can give it a try. I find this an okay product and have no issues. But, not a must buy as well. I am going to continue with my Kama Rosewater backups.


PS: Couple of weeks back I also got the Blend it Raw Rose Hydrosol which comes in a glass bottle! I will be reviewing it soon. Yes, rose-water crazy 😉


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