The Body Shop STRAWBERRY Shower Gel and Softening Gel Lotion Review

Feb 14, 2019

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel and Softening Gel Lotion Review
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel and Softening Gel Lotion Review

Being seasonal is always the best. 😊 No matter how much I love vanilla or shea, I cannot use them all year long. With ripe red strawberries in the market, I decided to pull out the strawberry products in my stash. 

Scent: The sweet and tart fragrance of fresh strawberries is alluring. This the most fruity and most popular scent by The Body Shop. I do not think any other brand does strawberry as good as The Body Shop. This was my first ever product from The Body Shop back in 2010 I believe and when I used it my hubby (then Mr. Boy), who is practically blind to all these things said - "Something fruity. I like it." And that ignited my craziness for The Body Shop which is still strong though Bath and Body Works is now in India.

Price: Rs 325 for the shower gel and Rs 545 for the gel lotion.

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel Review

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel: Just like all The Body Shop shower gels, it lathers well and cleans without drying. The gel consistency is right. The flip top is now improved - sturdier than before. Remember how prone to breakage those previous ones were? The best thing is that the scent of strawberries lingers for long. (If you need something that lingers the most then get the Moringa shower gel. But, I am not a fan of Moringa body butter)

The Body Shop Softening Gel Lotion Review

The Body Shop Softening Gel Lotion: This was earlier called the Puree Body Lotion - sounds so fresh and fruity, doesn't it? I love the pump - more comfortable to get exactly how much product you need. But, I am not a big fan of the texture. I like body moisturizers which are creamier/oily in texture. This one disappears within seconds and is not highly moisturizing. If I use too much, then it feels sticky. I am going to finish it up as a hand cream. 

Overall: If you love strawberries then you must get the strawberry shower gel. You can thank me later :) But, personally not a fan of the lotion. Interestingly, I have never even tried the Strawberry Body Butter in all these years so, cannot comment on that.

But. I do have something that can you layer up on the shower gel. Review coming up.


PS: Do you think the pictures are out of color or too dark? They seemed okay on my camera screen but looks dark on my laptop. What do you think?


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