The Body Shop Japanese CHERRY BLOSSOM STRAWBERRY Kiss Perfume EDT Review

Feb 14, 2019

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Perfume EDT Review
The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Perfume EDT Review

Happy Valentine's Day to all those celebrating.💟 I am home now in my jammies trying to finish my birthday cake as I write this. No cheesy romantic posts but this post have strawberries, perfume and a kiss in the name. So, I think that will do? No?😀

The strawberry range from The Body Shop is very famous. They do have Japanese Cherry Blossom as well as part of the Voyage collection. (Talking about voyage collection, I like their English Dawn Gardenia.) Recently, they created this line with strawberry and cherry blossom to give a mix of floral with fruity. The range has shower gel, body butter, and this EDT.

Price: ₹1,995 for 50ml (Available in some offer or another all the time).

Packaging: The glass dome crystal bottle is my favorite among all TBS perfumes. It looks elegant and classy. It has an acrylic cap with the logo etched on it.

Fragrance: It starts with more strawberry to me than cherry blossom. But, the sharp tartness of the strawberry line is missing here. Cherry blossom is there somewhere but nothing direct - a tad more prominent as it mellows down. In the end, it leaves with a muskier feel.

Sillage: Weak. Can be worn in closed spaces without giving people surrounding you headaches :)

Longevity: Unfortunately, most TBS perfumes fail here. And this is no different. The max I have got from this is 3-4 hours and that too on a very good day. But, this is an EDT, and my expectations should not be higher. 😟

Overall: Do not go for it if you are a cherry blossom or strawberry lover. Do not mix the two fragrances and imagine how the two should feel like. This is still more suitable for younger girls - a simple and sweet scent with a mix of floral and fruits. This a perfume to gift a girl maturing from all the strawberry scented lip glosses willing to try a bit grown-up scent. But, who am I kidding? I still enjoy strawberry shower gel when strawberries are in season 😊



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