Benefit Benetint and Gogotint (for Indian Skin)

Feb 9, 2019

For years, I wanted to try the cult favorite Benefit Benetint. I have heard so much about it that I had to give it a try when I discovered that they are now available in mini sizes as well. In fact, a lot of Benefit products are now available in minis and I am eyeing the blushes as well but I know it too well that I rarely use powder blushes. :P So, before splurging on the blushes, I wanted to go for the one product that Benefit cosmetics is popular for - Bene Tint.

Price: 10 ml for ₹2910, 4ml for ₹1170. These are the mini 4ml ones.

Benefit Benetint: A cult favorite that I always wanted to try. I have to give it a try when I realized that I can get the mini as well. It is pinkish red and have a very thin texture. On my cheeks, it looks almost like how I naturally blush. The pigment is fast absorbing so you have to blend it out quickly. The best effect comes with fingers - give a naturally flushed look. The texture allows it to be buildable without looking cakey. But, on my lips, it is a different story altogether. It is just absorbed in no mater how many coats I put on and it disappears soon. I am not at all happy by its performance on my lips.

Benefit Gogotint: After having a not so interesting interaction with Benetint, I want to give a creamier formula of the tint a go. So, I picked Gogotint - thicker than Benetint and brighter in color and glossier in texture. As a blush, it is not as close to natural blush as Benetint but looks fresh and nice. It has a spring-summer vibe. Even for a lip gloss, it does hide pigmentation and is transfer proof but the overall stay is still not much.

Overall: I think they are designed for lighter skin toned people - especially when it comes to be used on lips. Not a cheap product either. As a blush, I am happy and I might use them exclusively as blush. I wanted to own and use them for years but I do not think I will repurchase after these are over. Any other tint that I must try?



  1. Loved your post.. .....Amazing photography I also wanted to try the benefit brow product but I could not get myself to pay 2k for a brow pencil. ..

    1. exactly! BTW, try the brow pencil by Colorbar. It has a spoolie in other end and very smooth texture. They only have one color but it works well with Indian color

  2. This review was much needed :) I was contemplating to buy the Benetint, now I know I could choose better. :)

  3. Which one do you recommend for wheathish skintone?

  4. How does the Gogo Tint smells? And how long should we continue using them cuz they go a long way..

  5. What does the Gogo tint smells like, kinda wierd?? And how long should we continue to use them, cuz they go a long way..


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