Favorite Series - Crime, Mystery, and Thriller

Sep 24, 2018

I already wrote part of one this post. If not then please do. Here is the link - Favorite Shows - Comedy and Drama. Go and read. I will wait till you finish.

Done? So, here is the part two - My Favorite Series featuring crime, mystery and thriller. I have tried my best to not give away any plot or spoilers.

  • A thriller that is not exactly a thriller but good to start with if this is a new genre for you - Castle - There are no gruesome crime scenes. You do not need a strong stomach for this. Castle is a thriller topped with drama. At times, the drama can get a little too much which makes you wonder if the show is actually a mystery show. There is no complicated situation, but you can watch one episode without having to worry about the next. There are no cliffhanger or no edge of the seat crimes at the end. In general, protagonists of thriller and mystery shows leave you in awe or shock. Castle makes you smile. Going on the same theme of non-complex crimes, less logic, more drama, entertaining shows, I will like to mention two more shows - The Mentalist and Bones (female protagonist).
  • Prison Crime Drama - Prison Break and Orange is the new Black - Back in my college, Prison Break was exceptionally popular among the mechanical and civil engineering boys. This computer science engineer was happy in Big Bang Theory. However, then I watched Orange is the New Black, and I realized how exciting prison drama can get. It touches you deep inside and twists your guts. You can feel how frustrating it can get to be stuck among prison mates. While waiting for Season 3, I started watching Prison Break, and it occurred to me how it must have invoked the engineering students. I loved each episode of the show and could never stop at the end of one episode. Prison Break has the deadliest cliffhangers of all the shows I have watched. While watching Prison Break, I had to stop in the middle of the episode else, I would watch it until dawn. The main differences between PB and OITNB - Both of them showcases a normal white collar person in jail doing unthinkable to fight the prison's state of affairs. PB is in a male prison, so there are fights and blood. OITNB is in a women's prison so, add to the fight and blood, these mental and strategy games are going on all the time. I watched the new season of PB that came out last year, and it was not worth it. I think the first four seasons are it. I am scared of watching OITNB new season because of how heartbroken I was left with new episodes of PB.
  • Crime and Mystery that all Chemistry Geeks with Love - The Breaking Bad - I started watching the show. The first episode was so touching and sad for me that I stopped watching. Then, Swarnali forced me to continue, "Just go through the first one, you will enjoy the rest." Did I enjoy? Oh boy! Yes! I loved the show. It was also an insight into the Mexican culture. I highly recommend the show. They stopped precisely when it was needed and did not drag at all.
  • Thriller for people with a strong stomach - Hannibal - The crimes scenes are not blood is thrown everywhere but art installations suitable for a museum. The cinematography is also brilliant. The show will get you with the psychology and play your brain string like a harp. I loved season one and two.
  • Thriller with Awe-struck moments - BBC One Sherlock - You must have already watched this, and if not, then please do. There is no way one won't like this. Just watch Sherlock. Period
  • A crime drama that makes you wonder about perfect timing and consequences - Fargo - It is better if you first watch the movie that was released back in 1996. This series is dark and quirky together. There are ten episodes in each season. You can start with any season you like, but it will suggest season one first. I am almost scared of living in snowy areas after watching Fargo and Hannibal. 
  • Thriller show that makes you think about the modern society and what has become of us - Black Mirror - Six episodes in every season. Each episode will make you think. Do not binge watch but ponder. I am yet to watch the last three episodes of the latest season! My favorites are Nosedive (for people who always think about the number of followers on social media, Uber ratings, etc. - this will be a revelation) and White Christmas. The shows are worth rewatching. 
  • Period thriller drama - Game of Thrones - How could I not include this in the list? At first, I thought it will be a period drama maybe with some n*de scenes to attract the crowd (I haven't watched Vikings yet!). Most people started watching just for the n*de scenes and later realized the potential. I started watching only after the third season began airing because most of my friends will not stop talking about this! Now, I am waiting for the last season.
Did I miss anything that should have been on the list? What are your favorites?


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