MINISO Haul + My Christmas Tree

Dec 24, 2017

MINISO Haul (Japanese brand with affordable prices)

Do you have any favorite mall? The one which has all your favorite brands or you just love to roam around? Long back it was GIP and Saket malls. But, it is now (hands down) Mall of India. My Uber shows Malls of India first on my list of suggested locations. (Oh Uber! You just know it when you know it.) It is mainly because it has all the brands and more because it is also the favorite destination for new brands. So, one day after doing my usual rounds at HomeCenter (I go there every time I visit. I can help you around the store more than the staff.), I stepped out to find a brand I have never heard of - Miniso. You can declare at this point that I live under a stone up on some unknown mountain.

My curiosity got the better of me, and I stepped in. I saw the word Japanese, and the first this that click my mind was - Muji. The second and the horrifying thing that clicked - expensive. I better check the price right after I pick something - even before I decide if I like/want/need it or not. To my wonder, everything was mostly priced at either 150 or 230 or 280. Fewer things were expensive, but even those by local Indian prices were low.

I grabbed a basket to shop it all but when another thought clicked in - what if they are not good? So, I restricted my haul to just five products. By the time I clicked the images, and I was ready to write the post, I realized that the products are not bad for the prices so, went back again to pick few more products.

Never Never Never Never Give Up Tote Bag (Miniso Mall of India Haul)

1. Never Never Never Never Give Up Tote Bag (Rs 230): The size is not too big but holds good. I loved the mint color and the girl printed on the bag. Meets my daily need and fits everything I need. Trying not to use it too often because I just love the blue color.

Bonjour Face Mask Miniso Delhi India
Bonjour Pollution Face Mask (Miniso)

2. Bonjour Face Mask (Rs 150): Face masks are 'in' in NCR not because of fashion but for survival. It is not medical grade but will save me from dirt. Plus, looks kawaii.

3. Fish-printed Eye Mask (Rs 150): I hoard eye masks, and this is the first time I own one with a gel insert. 

4. Elephant Soap Holder (Rs 150): Just look how cute it is! There is also the provision to keep your loofah. Unfortunately, the suction holders are not working. 

5. Dual Ended Cotton Q-tips (Rs 150): There are 180 pieces with one pointed and one rounded tip. Each of them is individually picked which makes it much more hygienic and easy to travel with. 

Now, to the second visit. This one was the eye-opener. Maybe they realized that the price was low by mistake or the fact that people are ready to pay more - the price of most of the things increased. I got the neck pillow for Rs 230 though it was printed Rs 150 on it. There was an organizer which was priced at just Rs 150 but when I took it to the counter they informed me that it was actually Rs 550. Long story short - maybe they are not going to be affordable for long. But, I absolutely adore the Christmas ornaments I got from them because I hardly get such good quality ones.

So, here is what I got:

Miniso Christmas Ornaments Neck Pillow
Miniso Christmas Ornaments Neck Pillow

1. Polar Bear Blue Neck Pillow (Rs 230): This is low for a neck pillow by every standard. One side is velvety and other side is satiny. There is a loop to hand it in your bag and another button to keep it in place. Trust me; it is a big deal because I am trying to find something with all these features without creating a hole in my pocket for almost a year.

Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments Delhi India Miniso
Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments Delhi India Miniso

2. Elephant Plates (Rs 150 for 3): I am still trying to think what I will do with it. You must be asking why I got three. The reason is, they are for Rs 150 even if you buy 1. So, I am going to gift the other two. But, in my defense - how cute are they?

3. Christmas Ornaments: The red cone was a pack of 10 for Rs 150. There are five mattes and five glossies. The glass globes set is for Rs 230. I love how they look on my tree. I am hoping that they go on sale then I will stock some for next year. Greedy much?

Christmas Tree with Glass Ornaments from Miniso
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

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